We Must Get Back to Normal.


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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At some point we all need to go back to normal – or as close to normal as it gets. Truth be told our lives will never be able to go back to the way they used to be. Not since normalcy walked out of the house and slammed the front door like an ex-lover with no intention of ever returning. 

After everything we’ve been through in the past couple of months, it’s hard to come out of this on the other side and just say, “Well, that was great! Now, back to the way things were.”

We can’t just do that.

We can’t ignore the fact that to date, 26 million Americans have filed for unemployment. We can’t just ignore that a lot of businesses have already gone under. A report done by the Federal Emergency Management Agency showed that 40% of businesses don’t reopen after a disaster, and 25% of businesses end up failing within one year

We can’t ignore that this pandemic has taken the lives of family members and friends. 

What we can do is take what this pandemic has taught us and apply it to our lives moving forward. For many Americans, this pandemic has truly awakened them to the importance of personal hygiene practices and acknowledging personal spaces, along with valuing what’s truly important in life.

Before COVID-19 many people were blissfully ignorant of the fact that they were invading someone else’s personal bubble. That or they just didn’t care. Now, with social distancing guidelines mandating that people should remain at least 6 feet from other people, many people are now becoming a little more aware of invading other people’s personal bubbles. 

Another plus that this pandemic has shined a light on is personal hygiene practices. How many times have you used a public restroom and seen someone walk out of the stall and out the door without even washing their hands? This also makes you a little wearier about shaking hands and hugging people. 

Last but not least, due to this pandemic we’ve all learned to slow down and value what’s truly important in our lives. 

Weddings, proms, and graduations were canceled. Major sporting events were suspended for the time being. Many of us started working from home, schools and universities switched to online, and public spaces such as libraries and gyms emptied out. 

Usually our lives revolve around this event and that event, getting this done and that done. We’ve all been given a lot of down time. Time that has allowed us to finish forgotten house projects and long awaited house cleaning. 

We’ve also been left with more opportunities to reflect on the things and people in our lives that are important to us. We can’t just return to normal and pretend like this was all just a bad dream. 

Normalcy turned on us with no intention of coming back, and we need to take what we’ve learned and move forward.

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