National Adoption Day in Massachusetts Sees 140 Children Adopted by Loving Families


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The 17th annual National Adoption Day in Massachusetts was a positive event, as 140 children were adopted across the state. A presiding judge in Los Angeles’ juvenile court was the inspiration behind National Adoption Day, as this judge worked hard to reduce the backlog of adoptions in his jurisdiction. Following the judge’s example, a coalition of groups formed, and November 18, 2000 saw nine states commit to facilitating adoptions on this day. Currently, this event occurs in 400 cities across the U.S.

The special day is important to many children, as it helps them find loving homes.

Speaking with CBS Boston, Anthony Falucci spoke about the decision he and his wife made to officially adopt Darison, a six-year-old boy they had fostered since his infancy. Pleased that Darison could now be a part of their home forever, Falucci said:

It means that we just bring our family closer together as one, and it’s official that he’s part of our family and we love him.

The Currie family also welcomed a new member to their household, or in this case, three new members. Last year, the couple had adopted a boy named Joey, and looking to adopt another child, the Curries took in a six-week-old baby boy who turned out to be Joey’s brother, Noah. The couple learned that another family was in the process of adopting Joey and Noah’s brother, Logan. But when it fell through, the Curries reunited the brothers by making Logan a part of their family as well, with the adoption being finalized during the National Adoption Day celebration.

A 2011 Health and Human Services Department study estimated 2.6 million Americans have taken steps towards adoption, and  an estimated 18.5 million Americans have considered it. Adoption can grant children the gift of security and a loving home, and it bestows the blessing of parenthood upon those who may be unable to have kids.

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