NEW DATA: More Deaths FOLLOWING Vaccine than COVID Deaths for the Second Straight Week


young woman receives covid vaccine
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For the second consecutive week, the VAERS database recorded more deaths following getting the COVID-19 vaccine than COVID-19 fatalities.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database contains information on unverified reports of adverse events (illnesses, health problems and/or symptoms) following immunization with US-licensed vaccines. Reports are accepted from anyone and can be submitted electronically at”

Last week, there were 1,918 COVID-19 deaths and 2,092 following the vaccine, suggesting 174 more people died after receiving their vaccination rather than the virus itself.

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In total, two weeks ago VAERS reported 6,985 deaths of individuals after receiving COVID vaccines, last week it reached 9,048, and this week it spiked to 11,140CDC data illustrates a surge in the number of deaths following vaccination.

According to VAERS, only 10 percent of adverse events are reported. Therefore, the real number of health issues following inoculation is unknown.

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  1. It’s not just VAERS, but the other adverse event reporting databases in the UK (MHRA Yellow Card), EU (EUdra) and Australia (TGA) are all seeing the same pattern: mortality & morbidity reports re these gene-based vaccines (mRNA Pfizer & Moderna, AdenovectorDNA J&J & AZ) are at record levels. The reports eclipse all previous years total reports vaccine related adverse reaction reports combined for all vaccines ever over two to three decades depending on life of the databases, and are heading towards doubling the rates.

    Why would that be? Well it’s effin obvious. These gene technologies cause one’s own cells to manufacture the cytotoxic spike protein if SARS-CoV-2 which is now known to be the agent causing platelet cells to clump together and this lead to blood clots.

    They’re all experimental and phase 3 trials won’t complete till 2023. If you’ve has it you have officially participated in an experiment.

    The Pfizer biodistribution data kept secret by the BigPharma Corporation, But obtained by FOIA request from Japan’s equivalent of the FDA, showed 75% spread around the body. Only 25% remained in deltoid muscle. The mRNA lipid nanoparticle polyethylene glycol carrier that is designed to spread through the body does just that. 20% deposited in the ovaries. Some crossed blood brain barrier. This would explain the large menstrual and neurological adverse events.

    Watch Dr Michael Yeadon, former VP at Pfizer & Chief Scientist for their Allergy & Respiratory division in latest interview for “Perspectives on the Plandemic”. He outlines how the official health narrative has been unscientific and unethical, that many of his fellow health scientists agree with him but confess they’re too scared of losing jobs & industry grants our being ridiculed by media to speak up.

    Evil triumphs when good people stay silent.

    1. I keep trying to explain to people that this vaccine is experimental and that by Federal Law…21 U.S. Code ss 360bbb-3 that no one, No government, military, academia, businesses (corp or private), sports entities, etc…NO ONE can mandate an Experimental Vaccine. A mandate is not a law. I just found out that a lawyer – Thomas Renz is fighting the WuFlu vaccine and is saying what I keep saying. WHY is the Biden Administration, MSM, Social Media all pushing so hard for an experimental vaccine? WHY? Please read the following 12 page article by Dr, Russell Blaylock – On vaccines “What you need to know for informed consent”. This article will scare you to what is really happening with these vaccines. PJB – thanks for the information you provided.

  2. I must say out of all the comments on here there is not one misspelled word, not a comma missing or anything similar as far as errors. that alone says something

  3. People know something is not right … but STILL refuse to believe the facts presented about anything these days.

  4. We lost 2 friends to the vaccine last week. Mike was 53 and died of brain bleeds, Lynne was in her 70’s and the Dr’s have no idea what killed her, but coincidentally she had just had her 2nd jab and died a few days later.

  5. This is crimes against humanity in action. No other “ vaccine” would still be in use beyond a very few deaths or bad side effects. This tells you, your government doesn’t give a shit about any of us!

    1. Not true. Check out VAERS for yourself. People are injured and killed by vaccines all the time. No vaccine is safe for everyone, so you have to weigh the risks for yourself. Unfortunately, most won’t know they are at risk until they have an adverse reaction. By then it’s too late.

      1. People do have adverse reactions HOWEVER not to this extent ! When the swine flu vaccine was given years ago 50 people died and it was shut down ! Pfizer and Astazenica are banned in UK.

      2. Have you actually looked? Neato? There is a huge signal in VAERS. More people have died this year because of the shot than the last 20 years combined. You think that is normal?

      3. Total number from all other vaccine deaths from 1997 to 2013 totaled 2149. Total deaths reported to VAERS for Covid vaccine currently stand at over 11000 deaths.

  6. If these numbers are true & if it was any other drug. It would have been pulled off the market. I have heard from many nurses when a young person who no co morbidities arrives with a hemorrhagic stroke & and a nurse dates to make a connection to the vaccine ; they are villified and berated even told they don’t know what they are talking about . Why are people aforesaid to question an experimental vaccine?

    1. Not true. Check out VAERS for yourself. People are injured and killed by vaccines all the time. No vaccine is safe for everyone, so you have to weigh the risks for yourself. Unfortunately, most won’t know they are at risk until they have an adverse reaction. By then it’s too late. Very few drugs have been pulled off the market. As stated, it is estimated only about 10% of adverse affects are reported. Many of them are reported many months or years after the vaccine, so most people, and certainly medical professionals, don’t make the connection. Even when reactions are immediate, some doctors won’t report. Vaccinations are big business and very lucrative. Just look up how much Bill Gates’ has made from the vaccines. No one cares for your health like you and your family do. If you are damaged, they don’t take care of you. Vaccine manufacturers are legally NOT liable.

      1. You are absolutely right. This vaccine is extremely dangerous and we don’t know the actual numbers of people who are dying or severely disabled. People who speak out against it are vilified. Doctors who speak out against it are fired or have their license is removed

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