Do New Emails Suggest AZ Officials INTENTIONALLY Distributed Restricted Sharpies on Election Day?


sharpies on ballot in maricopa county arizona
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A serious new election fraud scandal has emerged in Arizona and may extend to other states.

As readers are likely aware, early voting numbers in America’s 2020 presidential race largely favored Joe Biden, while election day numbers overwhelmingly favored Donald Trump.  Previous presidential contests have followed a similar pattern, with Democrats consistently taking a lead in early voting, and Republicans waiting until election day to cast their ballots.   

It has emerged that Kelly Dixon, a Maricopa County Arizona elections official (Maricopa is undergoing an official state audit for suspected voter fraud) may have intentionally tilted the scales in favor of Biden.  

Arizona’s official ballot instructions read in relevant part: “Do not use a sharpie type pen as it will bleed through.”  

Yet, in an email sent less than two weeks before the election, Dixon told election workers: “Starting tomorrow, 10/23, and through 11/2…hand voters BALLPOINT PENS rather than markers.  We NEED to use Markers on Election Day, but for now….hand voters a Ballpoint Pen.”

While it is possible that Dixon has a reasonable explanation for telling workers to give early voters pens but election day voters Sharpies, several questions need to be answered, including:

  1. If Sharpie pens were giving voters consistent problems (as can be seen from the full text of her email, pictured above) and ballpoint pens were working well for early voters, why did Sharpies NEED to be given to election day voters?
  2. Why were Sharpies given to mark any ballots, given that the official instructions said that Sharpies should not be used for that purpose?

Reports are also coming into multiple news outlets that Sharpies were handed out in other voting districts around the U.S. 

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