New Data Proves Florida’s Open COVID Policies Work Better than Lockdowns of NY, Cali


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Recently released Covid-19 data has shown that Florida fared far better than the two lockdown states of New York and California over the past year and a half. When compared to other states, Florida ranks 30th in terms of deaths per 100,000 people.

The newest data shows that, per 100,000 residents,  Florida has 152 deaths, New York (not including New York City) has 365 deaths, and New Jersey has 272 deaths per 100,000. The latter three states have imposed harsh crackdown measures during the last two and a half years. 

Despite the evidence and the data, Democrats have attempted to use Florida and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis as a crutch against re-opening procedures.

“Hey Florida! Help is Here,” Harris Tweeted on a recent trip to Florida on March 22nd, implying that the state needed the Fed’s help. 

The Biden administration has started to take credit for the rollout of the Vaccination process despite the whole process taking place under the Trump administration, and Operation Warpspeed. 

With the recent data available, Florida has 2.01 million cases, which places them third; California has 3.65 million, and Texas 2.76 million. 

Florida is ahead of many blue states in the vaccination process as well, with 8,250,717 people vaccinated. When it comes to those over 65, per 100,000 Florida has 124,816 per 100,000 vaccinated.

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