Newly Elected Idaho Legislator Chris Mathias Politicizes Veterans Day, Berates Store for Serving Free Burgers


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Newly elected Idaho State Legislature Chris Mathias took to Twitter Tuesday to post his Veterans Day tweet. Instead of praising veterans, and thanking them for their service, Mathias used this day of honor as an opportunity to tweet about partisan mask mandates.

Mathias commented, “I don’t want a free hamburger this Veterans Day. I want people to MASK UP… our shipmates are dying, Anti maskers: there are myriad non-lethal ways to promote freedom. Please adopt them. #MaskUp.”

Keep in mind that Mathias won his district 67.8-32.2%, meaning he could be a legislator for decades. It is an odd move for Mathias, as Idaho is home to 120,000 veterans.

Luckily, many Idaho businesses are still praising Veterans. Applebees, Cafe Rio, Costco, Chick-Fil-A, Denny’s, East Idaho Aquarium, and dozens of other businesses are offering Veterans Day discounts to our brave soldiers.

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