Newsday Journalist Wants Corrupt Stone Jury Forewoman “Honored” By President Biden


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Anyone following the Roger Stone trial in the Washington DC court overseen by corrupt Obama appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson knew the fix was in from the get-go.

As Americans we are entitled to a jury of our peers when we go to trial and we are also afforded the right to confront our accusers. Judge Amy Berman Jackson made sure that Roger Stone was afforded neither of those rights. First she issued an unconstitutional gag order on Stone, his attorneys, family, friends or acquaintances, preventing them from exposing the corruption of the judge or the prosecutors or the witnesses or the evidence the government had used to secure an indictment.

Illegal leak of the indictment to CNN so they could film a Third Reich’esque propaganda film that would make Joseph Goebbels blush? NO YOU CAN’T DISCUSS THAT AT TRIAL.

How about how the witnesses against Stone, including Randy Creidco, Steve Bannon and Rick Gates routinely perjured themselves and offered an ever changing recollection of events surrounding the 2016 election as it pertained to Wikileaks and Roger Stone? NO YOU CAN’T DISCUSS THAT EITHER.

While we are on the topic of Wikileaks… what about examining the DNC servers to determine if it was a hack as the prosecutors and media claimed? NO. What about calling Julian Assange as a witness?? NO.

And the jury selection process? That is quite possibly the most egregious miscarriage of justice in this whole Stone case. A jury of his peers should include some Republicans, right? Not one single jury member or alternate was a Republican. In fact, most of them were rabid leftists who hated Trump and Stone, including Tomeka Hart, who would be selected as the Jury Forewoman.

Hart and many others lied on their jury questionnaire about past political involvement, bias towards Roger Stone and Donald Trump, and if they possessed any prior knowledge of the case before being summoned.

This journalist reported extensively on Hart’s bias, which included a cache of deleted or protected social media posts, that directly contradicted the statements she made under oath during the jury selection process. Of course, Hart was not punished for perjuring herself or bastardizing the court, but she was elevated as a moral and ethical arbiter of justice by the mainstream media who allowed her to parade around as Lady Justice reborn.

She concealed the fact that she served as a far-left member of a school board in Tennessee, or that she had run a rabidly left-wing congressional campaign.

But Dan Janison of Newsday thinks Hart deserves an award or medal of some sort from President Joe Biden. Janison, whose twitter account is rife with your run of the mill Trump Derangement Syndrome, argued that Hart was to be awarded because Trump attacked her by tweeting about her well documented bias and perjury before the court.

Recognition also should go to the forewoman of the federal jury that convicted Trump operative Roger Stone on seven felony counts. A series of rage tweets from the president last February should be deemed a badge of honor for that juror, Tomeka Hart, a former president of the Memphis City Schools Board of Commissioners.

“There has rarely been a juror so tainted as the forewoman in the Roger Stone case,” said one Trump tweet. “She never revealed her hatred of ‘Trump’ and Stone. She was totally biased, as is the judge … “

Trump’s claims were the usual fabrications. He pardoned Stone last month.

When reached via email and asked to provide evidence that Tomeka Hart’s bias were mere “fabrications” by Trump, Janison evaded and refused to acknowledge his own lies and fabrications. He claimed that because Roger Stone brought up the issue of her bias and this motion was rejected by the corrupt Obama appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson, which by the way was discovered after he was convicted, that it was somehow evidence that Tomeka Hart’s bias didn’t exist.

Yes, Mr. Janison, because the courts and prosecutors have never in the history of the United States acted with bias or malicious intent against the people they are prosecuting. They have never withheld evidence, secured faulty convictions, bullied witnesses to change their stories to convict the people they have charged. NEVER EVER!

They would never threaten to jail a journalist for exposing potential jury bias?

For someone who is so old and has stuck at the same mediocre job at Newsday for so long, maybe Janison’s frustration with his pathetic existence and hatred of Trump have clouded his judgment. However, its more likely that he knows he’s full of shit and doesn’t care because he knows better than the unwashed masses he hates, especially those evil neo-fascist TrumpHumpers.

When reached via text message earlier this morning, Roger Stone told the Rogue Review the following:

The violation of the law by Tomeka Hart was blatant, obvious and outrageous as well as being carefully hidden. Hart attacked me and the president in social media postings in 2019 and then hid her Anti-Trump postings on a private setting during jury selection and the trial, deleting it afterwards in order to hide her corruption. Tomeka heart should be prosecuted rather than celebrated. On the other hand, it was due to her egregious criminal conduct that the president saw how rigged my trial was, and issued a pardon in my case.”

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