Notable Republicans Ask Elon Musk to Reinstate Trump’s Twitter


Republicans ask primary shareholder Elon Musk to reinstate President Trump's Twitter account
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Following news that Tesla CEO Elon Musk had purchased a commanding stake in the social media giant Twitter, Republicans implored the tech superstar to bring back a political superstar: Donald J. Trump. 

The Republican Representative from Colorado tweeted her request directly at Elon Musk, asking him to “lift political censorship” by “bring[ing] back Trump”.

Tweet from Lauren Boebert asking Elon Musk to reinstate Trump's Twitter account

The former assistant secretary of public affairs at the Treasury Department under Donald Trump also tweeted her support of the President’s voice on Twitter:

Tweet from Former assistant secretary of public affairs at the Treasury Department Monica Crowley asks Elon Musk to reinstate President Trumps Twitter account

A California Republican congressional candidate, Errol Webber, listed out the steps he believes Twitter needs to take to return free speech to the platform – including reinstating Trump’s account:

Tweet from California Republican Errol Webber's tweeted list of demands for Twitter

The conservative fan-favorite, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, asked Elon Musk whether he would return freedom of speech to the social media platform:

Tweet from Marjorie Taylor Greene asking if Twitter will return to freedom of speech

It’s an open question as to whether the former president would want to return to the Twitter platform. Under his leadership, Trump Media and Technology Group created Truth Social: a new platform designed to replace Twitter. The app was launched in February of 2022 on the Apple App Store. The new social media company has been trying to attract more users on the platform, but has been struggling with long waitlist issues. Trump has yet to send a public “Truth” message on Truth Social.

Photo credits: Business Insider, Lauren Boebert for Congress.

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