Ohio GOP Rep. Introduces Bill BANNING Vaccine Passports


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Republican Representative Warren Davidson of Ohio introduced a bill to ban vaccine passports and prohibit businesses from requiring proof of vaccination.

The legislation reads, “An agency may not issue a vaccine passport, vaccine pass, or other standardized documentation for the purpose of certifying the COVID–19 vaccination status of a citizen of the United States to a third party, or otherwise publish or share any COVID–19 vaccination record of a citizen of the United States, or similar health information.”

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Despite inoculation rates increasing across America, efforts to prevent mandates have persisted. Concerns have been raised over employers mandating vaccination and suspending or firing employees who do not comply. Universities have also faced backlash for mandating vaccination upon students’ return in the fall.

Representative Davidson told Fox News, “They’re not really providing a rational basis for discriminatory activity – they’re busy separating healthy people from other healthy people on the presumption that people without a vaccine are not healthy.” His efforts are in tune with executive orders by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis of Florida. Lawmakers are taking precautions in an effort to ease constituents’ concerns despite the Biden administration claiming they will not enforce vaccine passports

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