“Old Town Road” Singer is Releasing ‘666’ Nike Shoes Dedicated to Satan Containing Human Blood


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In a direct slap in the face to Christians, Jews, and Muslims, multiple sources are reporting that Lil Nas X will be releasing a limited run of 666 “Satan Shoes” (no, this is not a joke).  Thus far, The Gateway Pundit, numerous verified Twitter accounts, and an advertising source have confirmed this.

The shoes will reportedly contain a drop of real human blood, and be sold with a demonic symbol attached.

Writers at the Rogue Review have repeatedly warned about the dangerous nature of many of the global corporations that hold sway over American and world culture.

Nike is the same company that stopped making a previous style of shoe after receiving complaints because it carried an early version of the American flag. Nike did not directly partner with Lil Nas X on the release, but they are seemingly fine with a celebrity worshipping the devil right next to their brand’s ‘swoosh.’

Assuming the reports about this rendition of a Nike product are accurate, and thus far they appear to be, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and anyone who does not wish to support evil should unite in a permanent boycott of Nike.   


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