WATCH: DeSantis Says Doctors Who Castrate Kids Should Be Sued

During a press conference Wednesday morning, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ripped radical transgender mutilation procedures on kids, which are normalized and cheered on by the left-wing. Decrying the “gender-affirming care” label Democrats use for youth transgender castrations and double mastectomies, DeSantis suggested doctors carrying out these procedures should be sued. “They want to castrate these […]

GOP Gov Attacks DeSantis’ Parental Rights Legislation

larry hogan on cnn attacking desantis

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, joined CNN to stab at Ron DeSantis and the Florida GOP’s parental rights legislation. The bill, unreasonably dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by Democrats, Disney, and left-wing Hollywood has received mass criticism from liberals, despite most naysayers never having read the bill. Larry Hogan admitted during his time […]

DeSantis SLAMS Media For Ignoring Truth About Waukesha Terrorist Attack (FULL CLIP)

The Waukesha, Wisconsin domestic terrorist attack, which claimed the lives of elder folks and young children alike, was committed by an anti-white Black Lives Matter radical. However, the mainstream media has totally ignored this fact, continually blaming “a car” for running over dozens during the Dancing Grannies Christmas parade rather than Darrell Brooks, the rabid […]

DeSantis SCHOOLS Reporter, Gives a Lesson on Basic U.S. Civics

“It’s the UNITED STATES of America, not the united school boards of America … What Biden is doing is unconstitutional. There has never been a federal vaccine imposed on the general public.” In response to a question from a reporter regarding his decision to block Biden’s vaccine mandate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis went OFF on […]

WATCH: DeSantis SHREDS Biden in SAVAGE Response to “Governor Who” Comments

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden began a war of words after the president criticized the state of Florida’s handling of COVID-19. Today, DeSantis hammered back at the President, who said he did not know who DeSantis was, in a hilarious clip. Here’s how it started… Earlier this week, Biden said, “Some governors […]

DeSantis Signs Bill Forcing Big Tech Companies to Pay a Fine for Banning Dissenters

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill Monday that will fine social media platforms that try to permanently ban political candidates. DeSantis and other Republicans have touted the bill as a way to protect Floridians over accusations of tech giants censoring GOP lawmakers, but it faced pushback from Democrats in the state legislature and the tech […]

FL Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Parental Consent Bill Into Law

SB 404 was passed by members in the Florida House and Senate back in February. The bill mandates that parental consent must be obtained before a minor can have an abortion in the state. Signed into law this month by Governor Ron DeSantis, the bill also strengthens protections for abortion survivors by including penalties for […]