Part II: Trump, Israel, and Palestine—Can the U.S. Give Aid to a Country That Does Not Exist?


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In the first part of my examination of the hostility between Israel and Palestine, I gave an overview of the political and historical situation of each and explained why “Palestine” has never existed as a political entity.  I would now like to explain further how the “Palestinians” are actually made up partly of terrorist/anti-Semitic groups and partly of displaced or otherwise unfortunate individuals being used as political pawns.  Finally, I will provide some data to back up my assertions about the threat the Palestinians pose and look at international law to emphasize why President Trump should not be offering foreign aid to the “Palestinians” as if they were an official political entity entitled to settled nation status.

The fact remains that the “Palestinians” are not a separate people; they are a conglomeration of other peoples.  Many came to join the Islamic movement from other Muslim countries, such as Egypt and Jordan, and are now living in camps.  Meanwhile, others have joined specifically for the purpose of forming terror groups, such as Hamas.  The name “Palestinians” was not even used by any group until terrorists took it up in the 1920s (despite the Greco-Roman use of the word for land, it was not used of a people). Those who are called Palestinians by Westerners are either displaced natives of other areas or members of terrorist organizations such as Hamas.  As further proof, Hamas’ flag depicts “Palestine” as the entirety of Israel.

I emphasize that there was no Palestine existing when the Jews moved in after purchase, and it was only in 1964 when the “Palestinian Liberation Front” set out to “liberate” all of Israel—through terrorism and unjustified war. Looking at the war for the West Bank, for instance, reveals that the Arabs have no claim to settle there and cannot make a strong argument in their own favor.  In fact, the vague term West Bank does not refer to the bank of the Jordon River but rather to the area to the east of Jerusalem, including a swathe of land from Jenin in the north past Hebron in the south. “West Bank” is so vague a name precisely because the Arabs/Palestinians never had a previous name for the region, which they did not live in.  So why do they demand it so insistently, and use so much violence to attain their end?

The evidence indicates that the hostile Muslim forces, including the so-called Palestinians, simply want there to be no Jewish state—they aren’t just looking for a state of their own.  They would be happier with the absence of Israel than with the existence of Palestine.  This is most glaringly obvious from the fact that both the USA and Israel have offered multiple times to allow the Palestinians to found a country containing (depending on which deal you look at) up to 97% of the West Bank with a capital in East Jerusalem—and the Palestinians have refused point-blank even to consider the offers. They have actually refused to accept statehood. Further, International Law should actually make it impossible for nations to support the Palestinians in light of the above facts.

The UN has a specific law concerning the suppression of funding given to terrorist organizations.  Palestine is so inextricably linked with and even run by terrorist organizations such as Hamas that it seems incredible that the Palestinians should be considered for foreign aid.  Mind you, by foreign aid I am referring to the funding which would enable them to found their own state, not charity given to needy individuals and families who may be in the Palestinian camps.  What Trump is proposing is giving foreign aid to a group of people who are led by terrorists and terrorist organizations so that they can settle permanently in the region.  This permanence would mean that they could not be dislodged no matter how dangerous they became toward peaceful Israel.  This seems to me to create a conflict with international law, one which more law experts should be concerned to investigate.

For all these reasons, I think it is highly problematic that Trump, who as U.S. President has immense power and influence, should be granting the Palestinians legitimacy by offering them aid as a prospective nation.  The “Palestinians” have no other goal than to wrest what they never had any right to from the Jews and to destroy Israel in the process.  Not only that, they have actually refused statehood on any but their own highly unreasonable terms (including the complete takeover of Israeli land).  They also continue to practice constant terrorism on Israel—since 1993, over 1500 Jews have been killed in Palestinian terror attacks (not including wars). Trump should not be legitimizing their violence, hatred, and injustice—nor can Trump offer aid to a country that has never existed.