Planned Parenthood LIED About Suicidal Minor’s Condition to her Parents


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By Samantha Kamman, Abortion Columnist

When it comes to gross negligence regarding their patients’ health, Planned Parenthood is certainly no stranger to scandal. As Christmas approaches once again, it is worth recalling a sad incident that occurred at a Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois on December 24, 2018. After escorting their daughter to the abortion facility, the parents were forced to remain in the waiting room as their daughter was taken behind closed doors. Unaware of what was happening to their daughter, the pro-life group Operation Rescue managed to obtain 911 records that tell a horrifying story.

A Planned Parenthood worker called emergency services to request an ambulance for a girl expressing “suicidal tendencies,” providing the dispatcher with little detail.

911:  Are her parents there, too? [Indicating the girl is underage]

PP: Yes, but, um – they’re, um – We are not disclosing anything to her parents.

911:  And what’s the patient’s name?

PP:  I don’t have her name.

911:  Okay, do you have any info on her?

PP: No, I’m not allowed to give that information over the phone.

911:  Okay, well you’re calling 911 so the officers and the paramedics need to know what they’re walking into.

PP:  Well, I just told you.

A document obtained from the Aurora Police Department confirmed that the girl’s parents were present at the clinic, but were not aware an ambulance had been called. The report also read that the “caller was extremely uncooperative and refused to give any more info,” and the ambulance was instructed to run without sirens and to sneak in through the southwest entrance.

Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue, said of the incident

“The girl’s parents deserved to know what was happening with their child, and that she was about to be hospitalized. Minors need parental permission to receive any kind of medical care — apparently unless they are at an abortion clinic… what were they really trying to hide?”

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