Planned Parenthood Sends Woman to Hospital During COVID-19 Pandemic


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Operation Rescue reported that on April 24, 2020, the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood in New York City sent a woman to the hospital in the middle of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The patient was placed on a gurney and loaded into a Mount Sinai Hospital ambulance. According to the pro-life person who took the video of emergency services transporting the woman, the injured patient appeared to be awake and in distress. 

On April 27, the number of COVID-19 cases in New York City exceeded over 12,000. The state government has suspended all non-essential surgeries, however, abortion facilities have been permitted to continue operations. According to thousands of healthcare professionals, abortion is a procedure that is never medically necessary

“While legitimate New York businesses were ordered to close and hospitals were denying care to people needing procedures such as organ transplants and cancer surgeries, the abortion businesses were operating on all cylinders and Planned Parenthood was sending women with botched abortions to occupy precious hospital beds,” Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue said.

“New Yorkers were suffering without jobs or medical care, while abortion businesses raked in record profits. That shows how Planned Parenthood was given preferential treatment by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who made killing babies top high priority in his state.”

The situation in New York has reached a point where first responders have been forced to leave the bodies of cardiac arrest patients at their homes instead of taking them to the hospital if they cannot be revived. Originally, the Health Department told emergency responders to not resuscitate patients in cardiac arrest when they arrived at the scene, but the order was rescinded after the FDNY refused to carry it out. 

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