Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned’ Cut from Televised Hallmark Awards Show


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UPDATE: Hallmark has issued an apology and announced a re-airing of the awards show including Unplanned. Ashley Bratcher’s statement: “I can confirm that I have received and accepted apologies. Hallmark and MovieGuide have gone on the record, the awards show will be re-aired (to include our nominations) on Hallmark Drama, Monday, March 9th at 10 PM. I believe that when apologies are made and mistakes are corrected, it’s best to extend grace and move forward. I’m grateful to the people who helped our voice be heard and I hope everyone will show their support by tuning in to watch the show on Monday or stream it on the app.”

Despite being honored with three nominations for the 28th Annual MovieGuide awards, any mention of the pro-life film ‘Unplanned’ was cut from the televised show. The film had been recognized in the Faith & Freedom and the Best Movie for Mature Audiences categories, and the film’s star Ashley Bratcher had been nominated for the Grace Award for the most inspiring performance in a film. But the broadcasters erased any presence of the film from the show.

“As many of you know, Unplanned was up for a couple of MovieGuide awards,” Bratcher said, voicing her displeasure on social media.

The film’s star continued: “I was personally nominated for the Grace Award for most inspiring performance in a film. HALLMARK HAS COMPLETELY SCRUBBED US FROM THE ENTIRE SHOW. We were the ONLY nominees who were not recognized. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE.”

According to Bratcher, the team behind the film expected the speech they gave at the ceremony to be cut, but they were shocked to learn their movie was not even featured in the list of televised nominees. While it’s still being looked into to see if ‘Unplanned’ was the only film excluded, Bratcher called the snub “outrageous.”

Bratcher had given a speech at the awards show that was not aired on television, so she decided to share a clip of it with her followers online. During her now cut speech, Bratcher said, “It’s all glory to God and if no one remembers our names when this is over, please remember this: God is so real. He loves you so much. He has a plan for your life. Life is precious. And to every woman facing a crisis situation please know that you can be successful and be a mother, and that children will enrich your life along the way.”

Hallmark Drama featured the awards ceremony on their channel, and they have yet to respond to allegations.

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