Psaki: Biden Admin is Countering ‘Irregular’ Immigration with Radio Ads and Cartoons


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This morning, Axios and Project Veritas released photos of migrant facilities in Donna, Texas. The images show many migrant children living in crowded, tightly-packed ’pods.’

Many were sleeping on the ground and wrapped up by metal foil. 

According to Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), who provided the photos to Axios, a pod can hold up to 260 adults. However, currently, one pod is holding almost 400 migrant children.

How is the Biden administration tackling this crisis? By publishing ads on Facebook and Instagram telling them not to come.

Why it matters:

  • Following President Biden’s promise of a ‘humane’ immigration policy, millions of migrants rushed to the border, leading to unprecedented overcrowding in the facilities.
  • According to Axios, there were 10,000 migrants in Customs and Border Protection custody on Saturday. More than half were unaccompanied minors.

What they’re saying:

Jen Psaki announced in a press briefing today that the State Department and its embassies are coordinating to communicate messages that deter migrants from crossing the border.

  • “We have placed an estimated 17,118 radio ads in Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, since January 21st in Spanish, Portuguese, and 6 indigenous languages. These ads played on 33 radio stations reaching an estimated 15 million individuals.”
  • “[State] Department has also worked with Facebook and Instagram on an advertising campaign” to micro-target intending migrants. 
  • Using “creative approaches” such as “a comic book and animated show seek to deter irregular migration by addressing violence as a driver.”

Watch Jen Psaki’s full announcement here.

Playing politics, Biden’s administration has baselessly blamed President Trump’s policies for the crisis at the border. Sadly, though, thousands of migrant children are dealing with the consequences.

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