Radical Liberal Bias Infects Even the Most Conservative Campuses


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Baylor University stands as one of the country’s more conservative Universities. Voted a top Christian University in America, Baylor has always prided itself on things like university-sponsored bi-weekly chapel and religious history courses being required to graduate. In recent years, however, even Baylor has fallen prey to toxic liberal positions like cultural relativism.

This growing prejudice against conservative and Christian views found its apex this month when BU hosted Kaitlyn Curtice to speak at the required chapel mentioned above. Curtice’s chapel message included atrocities such as praying to “mother mystery” rather than God or Jesus and calling capitalism a “stumbling block on the way to justice” according to the Baylor chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas.

I would venture to say that almost everyone agrees that no politics of any sort belong in church or chapel. That is why the University’s decision to invite Curtice seems odd on its face. Curtice is an active critic of many conservative viewpoints and has even gone as far as to say that President Trump is sympathetic to white nationalism. Active dissemination of viewpoints as extreme as these should be an obvious disqualifier when choosing speakers for the chapel. Pair this prior knowledge about Curtice with the university’s attendance requirement for Baylor’s most suggestible group (freshman), and it is hard to see this as anything other than purposeful indoctrination.

Curtice’s speech rightfully incited blowback from many students and faculty. Many called on the University to apologize and state that Curtice’s anti-Christian message was not in line with Baylor’s mission. Instead, Baylor President Linda Livingstone’s message to the entire student body was that “Hate and disrespect have no home on our campus”, an obvious dig at those who disagreed with Curtice’s message. 

I have seen liberal bias take over universities across the country, but never believed it would come to Waco to this extent. In response to this event, I have already heard parents questioning whether or not they should spend the money to send their child to a private, Christian University when we behave no differently than anywhere else. I think this is a fair criticism, and should Baylor continue to favor leftist’s diluted and disfigured views of “acceptance” over the teachings of the Bible I, along with many others initially attracted to Baylor’s Christian mission, will ensure that no others in my future family will consider themselves Baylor Alumni.

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