BREAKING: Republicans Launch Impeachment Push Against Biden


republicans calling for joe biden impeachment
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President Joe Biden may want to be a little nervous at this news. 

House Republicans have started to lay the groundwork to impeach Biden if they take control in the November midterm elections. Some have already introduced articles of impeachment – with conservative representatives accusing Biden of impeachable behavior when it comes to the economy, southern border, COVID, and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

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Since the Republicans have not controlled the House since 2018, any articles of impeachment have died in their infancy. But November could be a different ballgame.

The Hill gathered statements from Republican representatives eager to impeach the 46th President. 

“I have consistently said President Biden should be impeached for intentionally opening our border and making Americans less safe…Congress has a duty to hold the President accountable for this and any other failures of his Constitutional responsibilities, so a new Republican majority must be prepared to aggressively conduct oversight on day one.” –Virginia Rep. Bob Good

“Mayorkas and Garland have purposefully made our country less safe, politicized their departments, and violated the rule of law. In some instances, they have instructed their subordinates to disobey our laws. That is unacceptable…next January I expect the House to pursue my impeachment articles against Mayorkas as well as Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s impeachment articles that I co-sponsored against Attorney General Merrick Garland.” –Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs

“Biden and Harris have failed their most basic duty, which is ensuring the safety of the American people through the security of our borders.” –Illinois Rep. Mary Miller

Representative Biggs promised to hold Mayorkas and Garland accountable for their actions as well, as described in a Monday tweet. 

Some have explored whether the move to impeach Biden would be politically useful for the left.

Vice President Kamala Harris would become commander-in-chief if Biden were removed from his position. Since she is even less popular among Republicans (and the general public), the situation may become a form of “out of the frying pan, and into the fire” for conservatives.

Popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for Biden’s impeachment back in July for sending American oil to foreign countries amidst skyrocketing fuel prices. 

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Notable Trump ally Marjorie Taylor Greene tested the waters with the MAGA base when she called for both Biden’s impeachment and Fauci’s firing in July of 2021. Greene said, “In the halls of congress every single day, I’m fighting for you, America. Now let me give you a few reasons why the D.C. swamp hates me so much: because I want to impeach Joe Biden. Throw him out! And I want to expel Maxine Waters. And I want to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci.” The Ohio crowd thundered with applause when she described the prospect.

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3 Responses

  1. Agreed with previous statements to remove Kamala Harris out first! or perhaps both President Biden and Kamala Harris simultaneously if possible. Of course this defunct America started way before them…we need to get our Constitution back from the Bankers and Big Tech.

  2. Impeach Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and all the Senators and Congress that hate America and have failed to protect the Constitution and the American people. Then charge them all wth treason.

  3. Let’s Impeach and convict Kamala Harris first! I know it is a struggle because the VP rarely does anything, impeachable or not, but it should still be easy to do. Do it now and you will have plenty of Democrats voting with you. After next Jan 6, when Pelosi is no longer speaker, you will probably not get so many.

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