Right-Wing Purge Continues: YouTube Bans Trump, Thousands of Conservatives Disappear on Social Media Platforms


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Following the turmoil and chaos at the capitol in Washington, Twitter has kicked off an estimated 70,000 users, many of them conservatives, along with permanently banning President Trump. In protest, several conservative TV and radio hosts have deleted their Twitter accounts. 

Just in the last week, former acting director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, has lost an estimated 100,000 Twitter followers, and famous actor James Woods has said he has lost 15,000 in a single day.

The Rogue Review Twitter account has lost 25% of its following since the Capitol riot.

In a recently released statement, Twitter has said that many of the 70,000 users that have been cut off from the platform were supporters of the right-wing conspiracy group QAnon accounts. 

In response to the banning of President Trump, several conservative TV and radio hosts have suspended or left the platform, including Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Greg Gutfield. Limbaugh reportedly deleted his account late last week following the banning of President Trump’s account. 

Twitter permanently banned President Trump from its platform last week. 

“To be true to the resolution to myself: this is my last tweet. Other than to read the news, I won’t be on twitter. If you wish to contact me, join, gguttter.com- which is over at locals. You’re all invited there; just leave the bullshit behind. Tata,” TV host Greg Gutfield tweeted on January 2, 2021, saying that this would be his last tweet. 

Limbaugh made no public tweet warning users that he would be leaving, but Mark Levin, the popular radio host, made several public statements before the new year saying he would be boycotting Twitter and joining Parler, and he urged his listeners to do the same.

Parler was also shut down as leftists place pressure on Amazon and Apple to pull its products from their hosting services and stores, and several other merchants have pulled campaign-related material from their stores and dis-associated themselves from the President. 

“As part of our work to protect the integrity to the conversation on Twitter, we regularly challenge accounts to confirm account details such as email and phone numbers,” a Twitter statement said regarding the deletions of the accounts.  Until the accounts are confirmed, they are locked and do not count toward followers.

A Twitter spokesman confirmed that someone on Rush Limbaugh’s team or Rush Limbaugh himself deleted his account, and his account was not suspended.

YouTube has most recently banned President Trump’s account for ‘at least seven days,’ and the comments section has been banned indefinitely. 

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