Privatized Communism: Censorship, Control, & Seizure


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion.” F. A. Hayek.

This past week, America and her people received a disgusting taste of true fascist communism. Remember, communism is a system, not a goal. We witnessed an unprecedented attack upon basic freedoms Americans deem vital to liberty. Big Brother Tech colluded by committing the total and overt censoring of the leader of the free world, President Donald Trump, and many of his supporters. 

The radical left cannot contain their joy. Though, unfortunate for them, being complicit as the United States slip further to communism does not end well for anyone, even the communists. 

What Big Tech is engaging in is unconstitutional. Private conduct condoned by state actors to deprive people of constitutional rights is, not surprisingly, unconstitutional. Norwood v Harrison (1973). The President is also a person, endowed with the same rights. It is “axiomatic” the government “may not induce, encourage, or promote private persons to accomplish what [the government] is constitutionally forbidden to accomplish.” Id. “Congress shall not make or enforce any law abridging the freedom of speech.” Section 230, clearly, is abridging freedom of speech by endowing immunity upon Big Tech’s stifling of speech.

The reasoning for the large-scale de-platforming is based upon a false narrative that President Trump incited violence. His alleged incitement of violence and the complete absence of it playing in the media is the dog which did not bark. The media has portrayed him as Hitler reincarnate for the past six years, had he committed what he is accused of, it’d be playing in Times Square all day. 

Interesting that it’s not. 

Moreover, what happened at the Capitol was not a “siege.” It was nothing of the sort. How can an insurrection be unarmed? Insurgents in the Middle East most assuredly have advanced and traditional weaponry. Or at least some weapons. A robber who breaks into houses usually has a gun. Something tells me if the Capitol was under siege, like during the War of 1812, shots being fired would have come from both sides. BLM did more damage to DC all last year. Do not let them gaslight what we witnessed with our own eyes. God gave us the ability to use discernment and reason, let us use it. 

Next, Twitter engaged in a purge of anyone deemed by their Ministry of Truth to be unworthy of speech. Then, in a monopolistic and totalitarian fashion, Google, Apple, and Amazon took out Twitter’s free-speech competitor, Parler. Twitter is one of Amazon’s largest clients. 

How much more coordinated does it have to be?

We have anti-trust laws for a reason. However, our government is too weak and has no problem selling our souls to the highest bidders. Because of the alleged “seige,” and to protect the government from the people, Congress introduced a 20,000 page PATRIOT Act 2.0 for the War on Domestic Terrorism. 

The first step towards fascist communism is silencing speech. The next step is taking away the citizenry’s ability to defend against government intrusions. We have already seen step one. Biden has promised step two. 

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of what the radical left and its allies intend to do. As we have seen since the electoral college’s certification for Biden, censorship, control, and seizure by those on the left has proliferated intensely. He’s only president-elect. What is coming next is destructive for our economy. 

The Great Reset, Communism Privatized

The World Economic Forum’s plan—The Great Reset—is privatized communism. It is strikingly similar to the United Nations Plan 2030

Communism is a system in which the government controls the means of production. Whether government controls the means through coercion or cooperation of the private sector does not change whose in control. 

Plans with the intention of expanding government so vastly have not been proposed since such events as The Communist Manifesto, FDR’s New Deal, or LBJ’s Great Society.

The Great Reset’s plan is to use private-sector power to enable communism upon what is left of the free market. We have already seen the power this past week of the private sector. The Plan is to use private regulators to enforce social justice through “stakeholder” capitalism. Stakeholder capitalism is the new enforcement method by the left’s power over profit. 

That dirty little word. 

Regulations over the market have been heading in this direction for decades, as social justice has become synonymous with virtue and businesses signal wokeness to appease mobs. 

The Plan wants to force a global bureaucratic framework on private business by perplexingly morph the way accounting is used. This will force businesses to direct resources to what elitists prescribe pertaining to climate change and social justice. This financial engineering is a means to control production through private coercion  and the allocation of capital. With heavy government fines for violations. 

In no world does creating a global bureaucratic framework enforcing social justice enhance freedom and prosperity. It would do quite the opposite. Such economic effects of resource wasting would price people out of markets, shackling more people into the grips of poverty. 

Non-productive business purposes diminish company resources and shareholder value. Productivity growth is the main driver of economic prosperity. Establishing and enforcing more bureaucratic “woke” nonsense in the private sector naturally will lead to productivity losses. 

Mandating accounting for diversity—sort of like unconstitutional racial quotas—social justice, and climate change regulations, is the most explicit example of how communist command economies function: the forced and constant misallocation of scarce resources.

The Plan would lead to the misallocation of the most fundamental economic input mankind has to offer: Human Capital. Because, honestly, what the hell do Chief Diversity Officers and their departments do to enhance productivity? 

What the Davos plan attempts to enact is unconstitutional because of the constitutionally protected right to contract. But as we have learned recently, that document does not matter when the ends justify the means for Democrats. 

To force our businesses to adhere to global governance is a sign of sovereign weakness—and the essence of communism. 

We have already received a taste of the government trampling on our freedoms and liberties since COVID started. We have now witnessed Big Tech companies trampling on our civic freedoms. Privatizing communism and running roughshod over our economic freedoms will not leave a better taste. 

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