School Forces Kindergarten Students to Chant “Black Lives Matter” While Marching with BLM Signs


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In schools across the country, Marxist theories on race are seeping into the curriculum at an alarming rate. It started in higher education at liberal universities, but now, those “schools” are spawning more and more radical, inept teachers into the education system at all age groups.

At Lowell Private School in our nation’s capital, even children as young as pre-school and kindergarten are undergoing hate-based training that teaches them to see their peers differently based on race. A video emerged from Lowell online this past week showing kindergarten students marching through the school’s hallways chanting “Black Lives Matter” while holding BLM signs.

These children, young toddlers, were being directed by teachers to shout the extremist BLM movement’s name as they endured the all-too-familiar cloth masks over their faces.

The clip was uploaded to the school’s Instagram account with a caption reading, “sound on to hear our pre-primary friends raise their voices.” The demonstration and the child-made signs were part of the school’s “black lives matter” week.

The children in the clip are aged 5-6, per reports.

Independent journalist Libs of TikTok posted this latest example of sickening exploitation of children to TikTok, then to Twitter.


Homeschooling is rapidly becoming the best outlet for many parents who are hoping to avoid teachers programming their children into left-wing activists.

5 Responses

  1. Make public the names and addresses of every teacher and school administrator who organized and supported this. Let the general public know who is personally responsible. Don’t let them hide behind anonymity. The people will let them know how such actions will be received.

  2. Forcing racist ideology will eventually have the reverse effect on people with bigotry and true racism raising it’s ugly head…Why is it , that blm thinks it has the right to promote racism, just because they are suppose to be supporting black lives. We are already seeing that a high per centage of the money raised, is going into the personal coffers of the leaders and not to the purposes that are suppose to be in need.

    These people are disgusting thieves. They are stealing from those in need in the black community for their own personal greed. DISGUSTING LIARS !!!

  3. Was this a Private school or Public school with the “private” just part of the name? If it is a private school there goes the thought that Private schools could be safer than public with this CRT training. Our country is in serious trouble.

  4. This is wrong period! A communist based agenda. Teach littl;e klods to hate then the grow up into monsters! Get the young brainwashed to hate, is their game plan. It needs to to be stopped right now. Teachers who spew hared need to be fired.
    Wake up America!!

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