FULL CLIP: Rogan Slams CNN’s Sanjay Gupta for Spreading Lies About Ivermectin

Joe Rogan is the most popular podcaster in the entire country. His show is viewed or listened to four times as frequently as even popular network hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. And recently, he has been in the news for saying he takes ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning medicine used by many against COVID-19. […]

FULL CLIP: Airline Pilot Sends Powerful Message to Americans: “Fight Back”

A man apparently employed as a pilot for American Airlines has posted an inspiring clip to TikTok. In the two-minute-long video, he explains that after an eighteen-year career as a pilot, he is now being forced to get vaccinated or lose his job. Across the country, especially after the federal government’s sweeping vaccine mandate, Americans […]

FULL CLIP: Project Veritas Just Exposed Pfizer AGAIN with Leaked Emails from Senior Officials

Project Veritas released ANOTHER exposé Wednesday night after previously hinting at an “especially shocking” release earlier in the day. Like the fourth undercover video released in this current vaccine series, the fifth featured a whistleblower from Pfizer. Throughout the last video, Pfizer scientists repeatedly admit that natural immunity is much stronger than the protection vaccines […]

JUST IN: New Project Veritas Clip Exposes Pfizer and Confirms What Many Americans Feared

Project Veritas has released a FOURTH COVID-19 vaccine exposé, this time releasing a video featuring undercover footage from scientists at Pfizer. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, has administered the third-most vaccine doses in the world. Throughout the clips, Pfizer scientists repeatedly admit that natural immunity is much stronger than the protection vaccines reportedly bring. Here are […]

Arizona AG Puts Maricopa in Litigation Hold, Requests ALL Docs Pertaining to Election

In a bombshell development from the Maricopa County audit, Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright sent a letter to county officials requesting every document pertaining to the 2020 election. In her letter, Wright told the county that they are on litigation hold, putting coordinators on notice. Wright also suggested that the Attorney General’s office’s expectation […]

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene ROASTS Pro-Abortion Dems Outside Capitol Steps

Conservative firebrand Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is once again being vilified by the left-wing due to her most recent stand. Friday, as Congressional Democrats celebrated the signing of a new abortion law at the Capitol steps, Marjorie Taylor Greene approached the crowd and said, “You should all be ashamed!” Representative Debbie Dingell (D-MI), standing […]

NEW: Illegal Haitian Migrants HIJACK a Transport Bus, Escape Into America

A senior law enforcement official told the Washington Examiner that a gang of illegal Haitian migrants hijacked a transport bus in an attempt to flee officers. The busload of illegal migrants took control of the bus, which was transporting them to San Antonio, Texas at the time, and escaped. Washington Examiner reported the following: A large […]