SOTU 2020: Trump’s Greatest Speech Ever


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Last night’s State of the Union address was the greatest speech ever delivered by President Trump. The magnitude of the moment, contrasted with the backdrop of a forced and unrepresentative Democratic impeachment, created a delivery filled with success, greatness and hope. The speech was focused and optimistic while charting a clear aspirational identity for our future.

The president began with a simple, bullet point-style report on the booming economic conditions of America. Citing record low unemployment, wage growth, jobs and manufacturing gains, he wove an image of a strong United States. President Trump said he believes our economy should be “pro-family, pro-work and pro-America.” He touted the savvy negotiations of dumping NAFTA for a better trade deal, namely USMCA. Backed by labor unions, this deal will improve trade with Mexico and Canada while confronting China for IP theft and bad trade deals. Trump explained how we have rebuilt the military to be the greatest in the world, once again.

As the night went on, the President talked domestically. He emphasized the hunger for parental school choice, the importance of private health insurance markets and strategies to lower prescription drug prices. Trump took carefully crafted shots at the foundations of modern Leftism: socialism, failing government schools, abolishing private insurance, free healthcare for illegal aliens and sanctuary city policies. In unmistakable detail using the power of story, he went through each point to show the insanity of the current Democratic Party. He called on Congress to protect life, born and unborn, including a call to ban late term abortions. Trump cited the importance of religious liberty and Second Amendment rights.

President Trump ended by telling the true story of America and why we should continue to press forward towards greatness. In closing, he said:

This nation is our canvas, and this country is our masterpiece . . .The American Age, the American Epic, the American adventure has only just begun. Our spirit is still young, the sun is still rising, God’s grace is still shining, and, my fellow Americans, the best is yet to come.

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