BLM Protestor DROPPED by Police Officer’s Powerful Left Hook

BLM takes left hook from police officer

A Black Lives Matter protest developed into a chaotic and criminal situation over the weekend. BLM protestors blocked intersections in the town of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania and caused a disruptive scene for the public. One protester fought with police officers and received a blow to the face – captured on video. Drew Hernandez, an independent reporter, […]

WATCH: Candace Owens SHREDS U.S. Govt for Flying BLM Flags at Embassies

In a scathing visit on Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday, conservative commentator Candace Owens destroyed the Biden U.S. government for its explicit support of marxist Black Lives Matter. She also rails into the administration for allowing and encouraging U.S. embassies to fly the BLM, inc flag around the world. WATCH: For the first time in history, […]

“I Was a Communist for BLM” | Uncovering BLM’s Shady Funding (Part I)

Growing up, my mom played many classic radio shows from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and but the one with the main character I loved the most was “I Was a Communist for the FBI,” starring Dana Andrews and based on the real-life experiences of Matt Cvetic.  Cvetic was a Slovenian-American who managed to infiltrate […]

Soviet Disunion: BLM Radicals Are Murdering People While Decrying “Injustice”

Black Lives Matter activists and people who agree with BLM’s general premise claim that people are being unjustly murdered in America as a result of racially biased, unjust, and irrational violence.  What is so ironic about this is the number of people who have lost their businesses, their homes, or even their lives as a […]