BLM Protestor DROPPED by Police Officer’s Powerful Left Hook


BLM takes left hook from police officer
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A Black Lives Matter protest developed into a chaotic and criminal situation over the weekend. BLM protestors blocked intersections in the town of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania and caused a disruptive scene for the public. One protester fought with police officers and received a blow to the face – captured on video. Drew Hernandez, an independent reporter, was covering the protest and secured much of the available video footage. 

Police officers from Wilkinsburg Police Department showed up on the scene to restore law and order. According to Fox News, officers declared the event an unlawful assembly and ordered the group to stop blocking the street. 

One BLM protester began to violently struggle with officers. After an extended scuffle, the officer in the video squared up with the protestor and landed a left hook strike on the obstinate BLM protestor, dropping him to the ground. This strike held enough force to subdue and place handcuffs on the subject. 

BLM protestors were shouting “cops lives don’t matter here” and “f*ck these racist a** police” as officers arrived on the scene. 

A protest in Grand Rapids, Michigan took place during the same weekend as the Wilkinsburg altercation. One BLM demonstrator pulled a handgun on a passerby driver, cocking the firearm and yelling at the driver.

The man holding handgun yelled “move that f*cking car” and “go motherf*cker”. 

According to reporting from Hernandez, the individual who cocked the handgun was wearing patches that represent the “Royal Black Panther Party”. 

Protests revolved around an officer-involved shooting of a black man in Michigan. Patrick Lyoya stepped out of his car during a traffic stop, ignored officers’ commands, and attempted to flee the scene. Lyoya grabbed the pursuing officer’s Taser, leading to a long struggle. After the suspect attempted to use the Taser on the officer, the officer discharged his firearm, killing Lyoya. 

Black Lives Matter has come under scrutiny in recent months for their distribution and use of cash donations. Fellow BLM activists are even demanding an investigation

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