Taxpayer-Funded Radio Airs SICK Abortion Audio (ICYMI)


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NPR radio took heat from pro-Life groups earlier this month after airing sickening audio of a live suction abortion. NPR reporter Kate Wells took part in a trip to a Michigan abortion clinic where she aired numerous women in the waiting room, and also aired the audio of a live abortion in the procedure room. 

“I don’t think I can do this,” the unidentified woman aborting her pregnancy said in the room, as a loud humming noise operated in the background. In the meantime, doctors and nurse’s aids reassured the woman, holding her hand and saying, “yes you can.”

On election day, Michiganders voted to pass the Democrats’ Proposal 3 ballot measure, which “provides that every individual has a right to reproductive freedom.”

However, NPR has received plenty of critiques.

“It is horrifying and inappropriate for a taxpayer-funded outlet to air the excruciating moments of an abortion for child and mother of an abortion,” Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life President Marjorie Dannenfelser said this week in response to the segment. 

40 Days for Life, a Pro-Life group, tweeted, “NPR thinks they’re doing the abortion industry a favor by highlighting the reality of undergoing an abortion. Instead they’ve revealed exactly what the pro-life movement has already known: abortions hurt women and kill babies.”

“The American people have been crystal clear for months their top concerns are rising prices, , the economy, and crime, and Democrats bet their majorities on a strategy that ignores those issues. You can’t blatantly ignore what concerns voters most and think they will re-elect you,” said Erin Perrine, Vice President of Communications at TAG Strategies.

“Democrats think the voters are ignorant, and that’s the kind of elitist thinking that gets you swept out of office.”

Despite the critical economic crises mentioned by Perrine, the issue of abortion propelled Democrats to a stunning overperformance in the midterm elections, even after issue surveys showed the economy and crime motivating voters much more before election day.

Democrats spent over $320 million on abortion ads this election cycle while failing to focus on issues like the economy, inflation, gas prices, and crime, but the strategy seems to have worked, as the party dominated the youth vote in America.

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