The Hard Truth About Newsmax’s Vaccine Mandate


newsmax vaccine mandate email
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Newsmax has emerged in recent years as a legitimate television competitor to Fox News, garnering an especially large spike in viewership during the 2020 election. However, Newsmax now finds itself in a similar boat as cable’s top dog.

At a time when conservative organizations like the Daily Wire are standing up to the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate, both Fox and Newsmax are complying, according to company-wide emails. FOX Corporation’s compliance was expected to some degree, but many Newsmax watchers and readers are stunned by the company’s backstab.

In response to the backlash, the network has employed its most popular personalities to snuff out dissidents online attempting to spread the truth about the company. Anchor Greg Kelly and contributor Jenna Ellis both posted tweets on Sunday, November 7th echoing a half-true article on the Newsmax website.

Here are those two tweets:

Unfortunately, the two failed to mention a vitally important aspect of Newsmax’s policy: it will be 100% compliant with the Biden administration’s illegal edict. And the legality of the mandate is not just an opinion. The OSHA mandate was actually shot down and ruled illegitimate by the United States Court of Appeals 5th Circuit one day prior to Newsmax’s article alleging fake news.

We haven’t even yet mentioned the company-wide email sent to employees of the fledgling news network, which proves exactly what conservatives have alleged: Newsmax will be complying with the Biden mandate completely. The company will be requiring vaccination cards for all employees that want to avoid daily testing.

If you don’t get the jab OR disclose your status? You will be made to comply with each and every aspect of President Biden’s vaccine mandate. Here’s the email:

Newsmax is free to run their company as they please. But the lack of transparency from the network is a terrible look, especially to viewers who chose its coverage over Fox during the 2020 Election. Newsmax should either tell the full truth about its policies or fight back against the mandate, as other right-wing networks have.

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Otherwise, what’s the difference between Newsmax and Fox News? Not a whole lot, it seems.

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3 Responses

  1. As the abortion people say: My body, my choice: like it does not affect a living human being!!!!You will not find the truth from news media. they are mandated to NOT put the negative effects of the jab…..Why can’t the employees just have their forehead temperature read before entering jobsite?? I thought NewMax was our one hope of getting the truth..If you really want to know the facts about this covid experiment on humans, watch Daystar: Joni and Marcus Lamb, or go on line Daystar/Covid and you will find the facts from Nobel Prize winners who have no money invested in these so called vaccines and why we must say “No More”. The government will keep fear in order to control and we americans line up like sheep to the slaughter in whatever the government says do. They work FOR US. not our dictators.

  2. Ok. So as long as they don’t fire their employees or punish them in any way other than requiring a mask and weekly testing it’s ok.
    Wasn’t that the original conservative view? Don’t force me to vaccinate, instead just let me get tested?

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