‘The Next Chernobyl:’ Media & Government SILENT As Toxic Fumes SMOTHER Small Ohio Town After Train Derailment (VIDEOS)


smoke from east Palestine oh train derailment
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In a story that is being undercovered by the mainstream media, a train derailment may have caused “the next Chernobyl,” according to new reports.

In East Palestine, OH, a train carrying Vinyl Chloride (used to make PVC) derailed. According to media sources, the traincars began leaking liquid. Fire officials decided to burn off the vinyl chloride in an attempt to clean up the area with haste.

Giant smoke cloud spewing toxic fumes. // Credit: Alex Bobin
Giant smoke cloud spewing toxic fumes. // Credit: Alex Bobin

Vinyl Chloride is extremely flammable and toxic. 

According to reporting done by Nick Drom, the situation gets even worse: 

“…vinyl chloride boils at 8 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s shipped in its liquid form. Meaning when these trains crashed and they started leaking, they weren’t just leaking liquid…but they were spewing boiling gas.”

Government officials began a “controlled vent and burn” of the spewing gas, causing the giant black column of toxic smoke photographed above. 

PA Governor Josh Shapiro said it went “as planned”, but others wonder if this is downplaying the seriousness of the situation. 

Firefighters in East Palestine, OH look on as toxic black smoke develops.
Firefighters in East Palestine, OH look on as toxic black smoke develops.

Nick Drom mentioned one of the scary byproducts of burning vinyl chloride: 

“Hydrogen chloride is really unstable and latches on to water (like just water vapor in the atmosphere), this turns into hydrochloric acid”

Rumors have also swirled of acid rain becoming a problem and destroying entire areas of farmland – to the point where farming could become completely untenable due to poisoned soils. 

Smoke cloud seen from jet over east Palestine area.
Smoke cloud seen from jet over east Palestine area.

Reports of hundreds of dead fish in Youngstown, OH located 30 miles south of the incident. 

One resident of Darlington, Ohio filmed the giant dark clouds floating over his city and blamed the railroad and government officials for being “greedy and impatient” to get the rail lines back open. 

**Warning: strong language**

The Libertarian Party Mises Caucus compiled a video of the reporting and events: 

The questions that have yet to be answered: 

  • Is the water quality destroyed for hundreds of miles around? 
  • How bad will farming be affected? 
  • Why is there a near media blackout on this issue? 
  • How many states will this affect? 
  • Will our produce, meat and other foods be contaminated?
  • Will people develop cancer from exposure to this chemical? 
  • Are local and state governments attempting to cover up the real story?

Rogue Review will continue reporting on this story as more details come out. 

Photo by Alex Bobin

3 Responses

  1. You know what the scary part is? Their only solution to cleaning up a massive toxin spill is setting it on fire and making the situation worse…

  2. You want to complain now. The real tragedy is going to be 10 years and so down the road when ALL these people start getting cancers and all kinds of autoimmune problems and the RR and Gov. DENY they had anything to do with it. They will use the rulebook the government has used time and time again. Agent Orange, Water Issues in Lejune, Burn Pits, etc etc. Let’s just tie them up in court until they die of the disease, then we don’t have to pay them.

    These people need to call this a loss, pick up and move. If they decide to tough it out and still live there, they will most likely die slow deaths. Do some research on past train wrecks and chemical spills and see for yourselves what has happened in the aftermaths, don’t just take my word for it.

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