The State of Virginia Attempts to Push Forward With Amendment to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right


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After an extreme abortion bill failed to pass in the state of Virginia in 2019, state senators have now begun working on an amendment that would secure abortion access as a constitutional right within their state. Known as Joint Resolution 2, the proposed amendment would remove all of the state’s abortion laws and prevent the enactment of any pro-life legislation. Before this, Vermont had also started work to enshrine abortion as a right within their state constitution, and Virginia appears to be following their lead.

Virginia’s proposed amendment would permit abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and Joint Resolution 2 would add a section to Article 1 within the state constitution, stating:

That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the enjoyment of life and liberty and shall not be denied or infringed upon unless justified by a compelling interest of the Commonwealth and achieved by the least restrictive means.

The idea of abortion being “central to the enjoyment of life” is refuted by evidence that heavily suggests women have abortions when they feel have no other choice. This statement also appears to ignore the existence of post-abortion regret and the numerous recovery ministries that have multiplied nationwide.

The amendment also poses a risk to abortion survivors, as abortions taking place on babies with the capacity to survive outside the womb can lead to a “botched” or failed abortion. In this particular case, live birth has occurred, and Virginia allowing third-trimester abortions will increase the likelihood of this scenario.

The Centers for Disease Control managed to track 143 instances where a child died after surviving an abortion, noting, “it is possible that this number (143) underestimates the total number of deaths involving induced termination.”

Virginia senators are not reflecting the views of the American people with their proposed amendment. A Gallup Poll found 72 percent of Americans want abortion severely restricted, and a Marist Poll found 75 percent want it limited to the first trimester.

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