Biological Men Competing With Women is Sexist


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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The phenomenon of biological males transitioning to females and competing against biological women in sports is unfair to those who fought to get to where they are.

Fallon Fox, a male-to-female transgender woman broke her MMA opponent’s skull. Hannah Mouncey, a 6’2”, 220 lbs Australian handball player, who destroys biological women competitors on the court. Mary Gregory, a trans powerlifter, smashed four women’s world records. These are human beings with male height, bone density, lung capacity, and muscle fibers from living pre and post-puberty as biological males. Surprisingly, they are not only allowed but encouraged by leftists to dominate women’s sports. Regardless of how one may identify, some things in life are just clearly unfair and this is one of those instances.

In 1972, Title IX (an Educational Amendment) was passed by Congress to prohibit the discrimination of females in federally-funded school activities such as athletic competition. This amendment resulted in a boom in female participation in athletic activities, even typically male-dominated sports such as football and wrestling. Finally, girls could compete amongst other girls, at least in a scholastic environment. However, in professional sports, such a rule is currently not in place. In theory, men CAN join a women’s league, and that has continually happened in women’s sports, especially currently. The only requirement is that you must identify as a woman.

As a female wrestler, I had to work hard to get to where I am. For a man to transition and wrestle in the women’s division would actually be an abhorrent example of “male privilege,” a status constantly decried by the left (often erroneously). The difference in athletic ability between the genders is a demonstrable medical fact, which is the reason behind separating men’s and women’s sports in the first place. That’s what made it fair, and that’s what made it equal in opportunity. To take that away from biological women now to appease the liberal agenda is not only bizarre, but sexist as well. It is discrimination towards women to take away their sports against other women. Worst of all, it is considered “transphobic” to point it out.

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