Three Takeaways From the Iowa Caucus


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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The Iowa Caucuses officially kicked off democratic primary season, and to call this circus eventful would be an understatement. Here are my biggest takeaways.

Mayor Pete is for real.

Over the last forty years, seven of the nine candidates to win the Iowa caucus went on to win the democratic nomination. Those are pretty good odds for South Bend, IN mayor Pete Buttigieg, as he led the field with 13 of the states delegates and 26.2% of the vote. Still, Mayor Pete will begin to slip as results from the south come in, as he has struggled to connect with minority voters.

Biden is slidin’.

Joe Biden was the heavy favorite to win the nomination as recently as January 20th, according to Real Clear Politics. The only thing standing between him and a shot at taking down President Trump was himself. Iowa certainly plays into Biden’s weak points as the voting demographic was exceedingly white and young. New Hampshire is even worse for Biden in that respect, and current polling shows Biden in fifth place with just 11% of the vote. There is no doubt that Biden’s number will skyrocket in more diverse states like South Carolina, but it is certainly a viable concern that it won’t be enough to make up for his lack of early momentum.

The Democrats are incapable of looking anything short of ridiculous.

The DNC couldn’t have done a worse job setting up the Iowa Caucus if they tried. First off, they decided to use an app created by a company named “Shadow Incorporated” which, even regardless of its empty track record, is not the company that should be hired to handle something so important. The company had little experience in the field, and seemingly only got the gig due to their CEO’s relationship to the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton. To make matters worse, Pete Buttigieg’s campaign contributed a hefty $42,000 to Shadow Inc. Combine all of this with how hot the topic of election fraud is in today’s politics, and there will undoubtedly be a number of voters who don’t feel comfortable putting a democrat in the White House, whether it be for their lack of competence or putrid moral standing.

No matter what they have had to say thus far, no Democrat seems poised to take down Trump in November.

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