Transgender Activists Try To Indoctrinate Children


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Transgender activists are trying to indoctrinate children with their ideology. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the National Education Association (NEA) partnered to host transgender book readings in elementary schools last week. Activists told children about Jazz Jennings, a reality television star who is transgender. Jennings, a biological male, told his parents he was actually a girl at the age of three. His family treats him as a transgender female and his life is documented on the show I Am Jazz. The show disturbingly talks of how Jennings got gender reassignment surgery at the age of 17. Teaching children to be respectful of all kinds of people is one thing. However, the transgender movement is confusing kids by telling them they can change their gender. Children do not have the capacity to understand sex and gender, and can cause significant physical and psychological harm to themselves if they transition.

Walt Heyer, a former transgender, speaks about how he de-transitioned and warns people of the dangers found in transitioning. Heyer’s grandmother dressed him as a girl when he was a young child. This cross-dressing caused gender dysphoria in Walt later in his life, and medical professionals encouraged him to transition. He was still depressed as a transgender and de-transitioned back to a man. He realized that he could not become a woman, and that psychological issues caused his gender dysphoria. Heyer wants to help people struggling with gender dysphoria, and believes telling them the lie that they can change their biological sex is not the correct way to do it.

He elaborates: “It is categorically impossible for anyone to change their innate chemistry … Telling them they can is emotional, psychological and even social child abuse over the long-term. Thousands are de-transitioning because they were affirmed in an identity that was not who they are. It will continue to be a disaster for many years to come.”

Activist parents and doctors are using children as an easy target to promote transgenderism. One reason this indoctrination is dangerous is that many children grow out of their gender dysphoria when they grow up. Sex researcher James Cantor found a high desistance rate among children identifying as transgender or gender non-conforming.  If children transition, they can sterilize themselves and harm their bodies in the long-term. For example, the drug Lupron used to block hormones in children transitioning can cause serious health problems such as osteoporosis and severe depression.

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