Trump Announces April 30 Extension of Social Distancing Guidelines


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On Sunday, President Trump announced that his administration would be extending its 15-day advisory to slow the spread until April 30th. The guidelines are an ongoing effort to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Initially, the President was remaining hopeful that the country would be “back to work” by Easter Sunday, as he was mulling over options to ease back on the social distancing guidelines current put in place.

When asked about his earlier comments about wanting to re-open the country by Easter President Trump stated: “It was just an aspiration”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, praised the President’s 30-day extension, calling it “a wise and prudent decision.” As of Sunday afternoon, there have been 137,000 Coronavirus related cases in the United States, as well as 2,500 deaths due to the virus.

“What you don’t want is people traveling from that area to other areas of the country and inadvertently and innocently infecting other individuals,” Fauci said. “We felt the better way to do this would be an advisory as opposed to a very strict quarantine. And the President agreed, and that’s why he made that determination last night.”

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