TRUMP: Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn’t.


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Earlier this week, I wrote in my Rogue Review column that President Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 to quell the riots raging across our country and destroying historic American Cities, decimating American Businesses, and most importantly, endangering the lives of the American People. I still, adamantly, think he should. Nothing in this article should be construed otherwise. I still also believe AG Barr should prosecute rioters and looters under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. It’s not that hard. 

Hell, I’d love to be one of the federal prosecutors. That would be fun.

The reason I still believe this is quite simple. In the theories and principles which are foundational to what our criminal justice system rests on, there are two major theories of punishment. The first theory seeks retribution for the victim and their family and friends, a secondary class of victims. The second theory seeks societal benefits. It’s literally called utilitarianism, and it’s just socialism, but for a legal system. We all know how well socialism-anything works… about as well as the DMV in California.

I am in the first school of thought. My reason is simple. I think of the victim. The second theory thinks of everyone but the victim. The victim is the whole reason why someone is being punished by the government. There should be no thoughts of other people involved in seeking punishment. Well, maybe think of the family too.

Our topic of discussion for today is the double-edged sword of a conundrum President Trump finds himself in right now. If he were to invoke the Insurrection Act to send federal troops into these cities, he will finally look as the left has been trying to make him look like the whole time. If he doesn’t invoke the Insurrection Act, the left will make him seem to look weak in the face of terrorists, which is quite the radical assertion seeing as, under the Obama Administration, we heard a lot about ISIS. Now, all we are hearing about is ANTIFA—the Vanilla ISIS. (Thanks for the term, @Yoder_Esqq.)

So, what should he do? Should President Trump continue allowing the destruction and desecration of our American cities? The endangering of American lives? Or should he invoke the Insurrection Act and send in federal troops to put down the riots?

Mr. President, invoke the Insurrection Act. Now is the time. 

I am not alone in thinking this. In fact, a decent majority of Americans support it too. 58% to be exact. 

No matter what he does, the national news media, far-leftists, and twitter mobs, and that whole crew of truth-evading media will spin it into a bad situation. 

Here is the thing. Sure, Trump will look like a third-rate dictator sending in a massive number of federal troops to put an end to these riots. No one alive today has ever experienced a situation where the U.S. government has sent such a massive number of Federal Troops needed to quell these riots. We also have never needed to. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

Here’s the thing, once the riots are done…the troops will go too. We have had rebellions before that have been put down by the federal government. And we’re still a free country. The greatest and freest country in the world, in fact. That’s never going to change. But these riots cannot persist. And by the way, have the COVID numbers gone up from this? Interesting. 

CNN will make sure to play something to the point 24/7 from now until the election and Pelosi and Schumer will call on him as a “Hitler-like” figure. AOC will tweet something which lacks a fundamental understanding of, well, anything. 

We get it. We already know their games. We know exactly what they are going to say. So what is taking so long?

You tell me, who are the people acting like dictators? Dictators use force and coercion to strip people of their ability to exercise and enjoy their inherent and inalienable rights bestowed to us by God. Do you feel safe to go outside? Do you want to go to restaurants or bars with your friends, especially at night? How about walking your dog or going to the store?

What group right now is the one using force and coercion to stop people from exercising their inherent and inalienable rights, like walking your dog or going for a walk in these major cities?

The federal troops aren’t there, yet. So how could it be Trump right now who is the one acting like a dictator? It would seem to me, for the people in these cities under massive riots and destruction, that it would be ANTIFA and whoever is their leader or group of leaders being the ones acting like dictators.

It is quite ironic what we are seeing right now, it has a very close parallel in history. A very, very, very similar event so far. The outcome wasn’t great. 

In 1919, Benito Mussolini established his fascist party along with his paramilitary wing the Black Shirts. The Black Shirts terrorized the people of Italy throughout the country from 1919-1945. In 1923, Benito Mussolini and his Black Shirts marched on Rome where Mussolini convinced the weak Italian king that he could restore order if given control of the government. Which he was granted. Mussolini and his Black Shirts then installed a dictatorship and wreaked havoc all across where my ancestors came from, Italy. My ancestors were bankers in Florence and saw what was happening in Italy and Mussolini’s fascist party rise to power. They left everything they had and they fled there to come to America–something I will be indebted to my ancestors whom I never met for the rest of my life. 

Mussolini’s Black Shirts used force and coercion to terrorize the Italian People throughout the ’20s. The number of Black Shirts exceeded 200,000. They had enough force to effectively terrorize the entire country. And they succeeded. 

If Trump was going to send in the federal military to put down the Black Shirts we are facing, it does not really seem to me that he’s the dictator. He’s the President saving his people and their property. Black Shirts were Italian, too. They didn’t have a problem with terrorizing other Italians. ANTIFA doesn’t have a problem terrorizing other Americans. This isn’t to say go to war with them, not that at all. But something has to be done. 

Is it ANTIFA right now stopping people from enjoying their lives? Or is it Trump? I’ll let you decide. 

Moreover, some of these ANTIFA rioters have felt it proper to kill police officers over a $1,000 TV when all the police officer was trying to do was get people to stop rioting and looting. These rioters executing police officers aren’t only terrorists. Those ones are traitors. Traitors get executed. 

We all know how the Fake News Media will portray Trump when he sends in federal troops. But everyone is seeing all of this with their own eyes. On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Fox, CNN, MSNBC—you know, everywhere. How are they going to convince the American People of what they saw with their own eyes? That would be quite 1984

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