Trump Speechwriter: J6 Hearings Designed to Kneecap Trump for Election Season


beattie on january 6th pretext
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Former Trump White House speechwriter Darren J. Beattie gave an analysis of last week’s hearings, calling them a “pretext to kneecap Trump” for next election season.

Beattie was shocked at the ineptitude of the J6 committee saying, ”I’m pretty astonished how ineffective this committee has been…Given the amount of resources that have gone into this…”

Beattie went on to describe how the hearings are ultimately designed to paint all Trump supporters as domestic terrorists

“We see the broader narrative agenda behind the false interpretation of January 6th…to facilitate this domestic war on terror. [To] justify this idea that all Trump supporters are de-facto domestic terrorists and that’s why we need to weaponize the national security state…particularly the Department of Homeland security against MAGA…”

Ultimately, according to Beattie, these hearings are designed to be used against Trump and other right-wing politicians, “We are seeing the regime use January 6th as a pretext to kneecap Trump and associated political officials as we go into election season…and that’s one of the more disturbing developments we’ve seen in the last few months.”

Darren Beattie runs Revolver.News, a right-wing reporting outlet and news aggregator. Beattie and his team have written extensively on January 6th and the political prisoners unjustly held for protesting.

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