Tucker 2024? British Sportsbook Gives Tucker Carlson +5000 Odds to Win 2024 Election


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According to the United Kingdom’s sportsbook Paddy Power, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has 50-1 odds (+5000) to become president in 2024.

This is significant as there has been continuous rumors throughout 2020, that Carlson is eyeing a 2024 bid. The UK book is giving Carlson a 1.96% chance to become President, which is about where Donald Trump was before his 2016 bid.

Larger books such as Bovada or FanDuel have yet to release their 2024 Presidential odds, so it is unclear whether Paddy Power reflects Carlson’s true odds.

However, Tucker Carlson running is not the most far-fetched idea. His show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” is the most-watched show on cable news, averaging 4.56 million viewers per night. Carlson would likely have millions of Americans willing to vote for him. Moreover, President Trump’s successful 2016 bid shows that celebrity personalities can run successful campaigns — and may also have some advantages in a populist Republican base.

Some other notable Republicans who might run in 2024 are President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

However, aside from President Trump and Vice President Pence, it is hard to find a candidate with more popularity than Tucker Carlson. If he runs, Carlson would immediately be one of the Republican Party frontrunners.

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