Tucker Reveals GOP Politicians Controlled by Intelligence Agencies In Explosive Interview


tucker carlson on gop members controlled by intelligence agencies
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson broke explosive details on the inner workings of the intelligence agencies and their relationships with American politicians. Tucker even claimed there are certain members of congress who are controlled by certain intelligence agencies. 

In an interview with Tulsi Gabbard, Tucker provided two pieces of evidence: conversations with both a ranking House intelligence member and a leader of the “Neocons” in Washington.

Tucker started on his first piece of evidence by telling a story, 

“There are members of Congress who are controlled by the intel agencies. I’m not speculating on this. I lived there for 35 years, I know this. I had a very high ranking member of the House Intel Committee tell me at dinner at a restaurant in Washington when he had been drinking…we got to talking about this, I said “oh I’ll text you” and he said “I can’t text”. And I said, “why is that?” and he goes “because the NSA reads my texts”. 

Tucker reenacted his astonishment when he related his reply to the ranking member of Congress, “Wait, you’re the head guy on the intelligence committee. You’re their boss. You provide oversight in our constitutional system?” 

The ranking member replied, “yeah, but you know, they are still spying on me”. 

Tucker went into a second piece of evidence for intelligence agencies spying and owning politicians in America. 

“Michael McCaul, who is the leader of the neocons in the House…I got into an argument with him once last year on the phone. He told somebody that I was a Russian agent or something, and I was outraged, so I called him on the phone…he said ‘whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s what the intel briefer told me, that you are working for Russia’. And I said, ‘that’s what the intel briefers told you? You believe your f*cking intel? How old are you son? You are being manipulated by your intel briefers’…”

“…I just saw this morning that McCaul is sending more money to Ukraine. Why are you doing that? Well, because you are controlled by the intel agencies.”

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3 Responses

  1. The United States, as well as Russia, China, Japan, Great Britain, France, and Germany have all had UFO, UAP and USP sightings. Many other countries near large and deep bodies of water have seen USP activity entering and exiting the water. Our own Navy aircraft carrier sailors have seen them. It has long been suspected that extraterrestrial bases exist around the world. i.e. In and under mountains, ice caps at both North and South Poles, including deep tunnels under Area 51, 52, 53 and 54 that contain large areas for laboratories and reverse engineering of captured alien flying crafts after several crashes. Human abductions have been going on for years for suspicious research involving our DNA and fetuses disappearing from pregnant women. Another concern are the sightings over our nuclear military bases. Rocket missile silos have been totally shut down by UFOs. Our petty issues on this planet wane in importance when you consider that extraterrestrials have their own plans for Earth.

  2. Well said,all hell is going to break loose very soon.Americans aren’t going to live under a tryannical,corrupt, government. Things better change pretty soon, we won’t need any one to destroy us we, were doing a good job ourselves,with dumbocrap leadership.

  3. It is a very incestuous like relationships in DC the present condition of the country will unravel very soon there are many Patriots waiting in the wings that have nothing to lose and will give their lives for the American idea they have no intention of being murdered by these faceless cowards and will not live under their oppression.The powers that be have pulled out all the stops trying to draw them out they are very concerned and they should be,even the best security make mistakes and the powers that be are depending on them.Nobody wants to fight an insurgency ask a True warfighter not a overeducated beauracrat.Duda

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