U of Cincy Grad Assistant: ‘Intelligence is a White Man’s Mythology’ — The Self-Destructive Insanity of Modern Academia


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“One of the greatest problems of our times is that many are schooled but few are educated.” –Thomas More

“One of the greatest problems of our times is that many are schooled but few are educated.” –Thomas More

“Stop calling your female colleagues ‘smart,’ or ‘clever,’ or ‘brilliant.’  It’s sexist and infantilising. . .intelligence is a White man’s mythology.” This is an actual quote from a Twitter post from Mel Andrews, a University of Cincinnati graduate assistant studying cognition and evolution.

Andrews posted on Twitter, “Stop calling your female colleagues ‘smart,’ or ‘clever,’ or ‘brilliant’. . .it shouldn’t be surprising to you in 2021 that women are capable of thought.”

She added that this language is also racist: “You’re doing the same thing when you describe your Black and Latino students as ‘very bright.’” And before you wonder if this could possibly be serious, Andrews doubles down, posting an excerpt from a chapter she wrote for the book Handbook of Parenting, insisting (based on various cited works) “more than a century of wanton reductionism and definitional vagueness in the study of intelligence and human potential has perpetuated a stratified social order and obscured the true dynamic complexity and diversity of human cognitive development.”

Andrews states, “Intelligence is a White man’s mythology. A phantasmal concept. A non-referring term. Syncategorematic.”  She ended her series of posts by saying (over the quote from her chapter) that “intelligence is fake.”

Of course, intelligence isn’t fake, although Andrews’ intelligence might well be.  Yes, this (white) girl, who says her pronouns are “they/them/their,” is actually a graduate assistant at a large university, her latest “research paper” received several thousand downloads, and this utter nonsense was printed in a book meant to help parents raise children.  Andrews later tried to justify and perhaps tone down her comments in a response to a question for clarification from Campus Reform, “I was addressing a phenomenon that I have noticed to be common in academic philosophy wherein individuals emphasize the intelligence of minority scholars and students over the quality of the work they produce.  It is the same phenomenon that occurs when a white instructor says to a Black student, in a surprised tone, ‘oh, you’re so articulate!’ It implies an expectation that Black students will be ineloquent. It was not—as is contextually obvious from what I had initially posted—a condemnation of intelligence ascriptions simpliciter.” 

This back-pedaling makes no sense, as Andrews herself is in writing as saying, “Intelligence is a White man’s mythology. . .intelligence is fake.”  Andrews said people should not be surprised that women can think in 2021—unfortunately, this seems to be one woman who can’t think.  Her academic writing uses long words without coherent meaning, she contradicts herself, and she seems unable to see any word as separate from a political context.  She has a victim mentality, she is a self-described “Marxist and an anarcho-syndicalist,” and she is simply using her university “education” and position to spread her anger, victim mindset, and Marxist brainwashing.

But what I find so particularly fascinating about this story is that, if Andrews carries her point, and we acknowledge that “intelligence is fake,” she has literally just destroyed her entire profession.  She is an academic—academia is (theoretically, at least) founded on the idea that humans have intellects/intelligence and this intelligence can be developed through education.  In fact, Andrews is like the aristocrats who started the French Revolution because they thought ordinary people were being given too many rights by King Louis and who ended their sad political gambit by dying on the guillotine—she is effectually committing suicide.

I will give another example, one that is less “isolated” and individual.  In an era when everyone (see Common Core) involved with education seems to be entirely focused on STEM, one would think mathematics, at least, would remain prized, but apparently not.  “An Oregon Department of Education newsletter from February promoted an online course designed to ‘dismantle’ instances of ‘white supremacy culture in the mathematics classroom.’

One example of ‘white supremacy’ highlighted by the course was ‘the concept of mathematics being purely objective,’ an idea which the resource stated is ‘is unequivocally false.’”  This was exciting news for me, as I have always struggled with math.  Now, when I accidentally say 7 times 7 is 42, I will not be wrong.  Because it’s racist to claim 49 is the only right answer to that equation.

“A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction” (who knew geometry was racist? I always thought using Arabic numerals indicated a certain open-mindedness) is “an integrated approach to mathematics that centers (on) Black, Latinx, and Multilingual students” which provides “opportunities for ongoing self-reflection as they seek to develop an anti-racist math practice.”  “Feedback advisors” for the course include “William Zahner, who is an associate professor at San Diego State University; Melissa Navarro Martell, who is an assistant professor at San Diego State University, and Elvira Armas, who is the Director of Programs and Partnerships for the Center for Equity for English Learners at Loyola Marymount University in California.” Among the evil, racist practices perpetuated by math are “a focus on ‘getting the ‘right’ answer’ and requiring students to show their work.” 

Heaven forbid we assume black and Latino students are capable of arriving at the right answer.  Can you hear the echoes of the Democrat slave owners of former times, “Slavery is a mercy, and they should not be taught to read or write—it only makes them uppity, they aren’t really capable of functioning at the level we whites are.”  I remember doing research that indicated astronomy may well have been invented by the African Kushites—someone should have told them an objective answer in mathematics is white supremacy.

But this program has something very key in common with Mel Andrews’ Twitter posts.  It is self-destructive.  If there are no objective answers in mathematics, mathematics has ceased to be a science or field of study.  If there are no answers, there is no point to asking questions.  If there is no point to asking questions, teachers—and schools—are irrelevant.  If 4 x 4 can equal anything under the sun, why on God’s green earth write the equation down to begin with?  If mathematics is subjective, it is also pointless.

Modern academia has been a joke for a considerable period of time now—for decades, it has simply been an organ of the Marxist infiltration of the West (which is self-destructing in general).  But academia is now so utterly imbecilic that it is trying even to destroy itself.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.  The self-destructive insanity of modern academia will cause a massive collapse sometime in the very near future. Because modern academia is merely a Marxist mythology.

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