UK Woman Aborts 28-Week Pregnancy Using Abortion Pill By Mail.


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Politicians and abortion advocacy groups in the United Kingdom have continued to push for wider access to abortion. But news outlets like The Sun have noticed warning signs about the dangers of unrestricted abortion. Nine women were able to obtain the abortion pill by mail despite being beyond the 10-week limit. In one woman’s case, she was 28 weeks pregnant when she took the abortion pill. A child in the womb at this stage has an 80 to 90% survival rate, and the United Kingdom does not even permit abortions beyond 24 weeks. 

“The ‘pills by post’ system has been brought in but a 40-minute phone call can never be the same as a proper medical consultation,” a whistleblower told The Sun. “There needs to be a proper investigation to find out just what went wrong.”

After hearing this report from the outlet, a mystery client survey from Christian Concern also managed to find abuses in abortion pill distribution. A group of volunteers pretended to be pregnant when they called abortion businesses to see if the clinics would offer them the abortion pill. 

Four of the volunteers were 10 weeks pregnant when they called Marie Stopes International and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS). Within a few days, the volunteers were able to obtain abortion packets by mail. One woman was close to the abortion pill limit, but when she called the facility again and changed the date of her last menstrual period, the clinic accepted this new information without any further questions. 

“…We are for the women and we are trying to point out legitimate concerns about telemedicine services related to legal compliance, client safety, and quality of care,” Andrea Williams, the chief executive of Christian Concern said. “These women need better client-centered counseling…A rushed telephone call, by voice only, is not the quality of care which these women deserve.”

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