Capitalism & The Death of Freedom


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” President Ronald Reagan.

Happy Friday, Everyone.

I thought I’d start off our beautiful Friday with a quote from the Great Communicator himself because we find ourselves in a situation across the country that can resonate with such a statement of fact. Reagan truly was the greatest communicator. He still communicates with us today.

Moreover, don’t take my word for us finding ourselves in such a situation, take Former President Obama’s. In his eerily-communist-sounding, fact-elusive, and at times, not very economic eulogy he wrote for Rep. John Lewis. This election, according to him, is one so vital protesters and, by extension, rioters, engaging in “civil disobedience,” have to “give it all they have.” All of it. All gas. No brakes, or breaks—from destroying cities. Shockingly, he didn’t even mention or elude to all the destruction done to cities. We have all seen the videos and the pictures with our own eyes. Interesting. Reagan was talking about, 1984, right?

Obama also mentioned something about Bill Clinton and a Trench Coat? Genuinely curious because it seems, out of context, for the paragraph it is included in. And even if it is in context, why? Who would want the imagery of Bill in a trench coat or a robe? Can someone explain this mention? 

Also, honestly curious, why is Obama placing John Lewis on such a god-like pedestal? Not taking anything from the late Rep, but if we are all to be equal like Obama claims, odd place to put someone. Obama also being a Christian, are we not supposed to have such idols, and have no other gods before Him? Just a thought. Maybe it’s just me, reading it gave weird vibes. He did talk about John Lewis being a founding father in a “new” America? Uhm, what does he mean by new America? Last time that happened, it didn’t end well for Democrats.

Back to our topic of discussion for the day. This is the second in my series about Communism. Thanks for the support and for reading.

Since Obama believes we are in such dire straits and such times of crisis; the cure is Capitalism; not Keynesianism. Nor Communism. (Er, Socialism, is that what the powers that be are calling it these days? Hard to keep track.)

Furthermore, as reported by The Wall Street Journal earlier this week, Quarter 2 of 2020 was the worst economic contraction on record. 32.5%, I believe. That’s now two back-to-back negative growth quarters, we are officially in a recession. Though, the Fed’s been saying that since February for some reason. Any more contractions in such a way and we might have a 21st Century Depression. That’s not scaremongering either, I only talk about the facts. 

All this right on time for election season. Get your popcorn. 

Capitalism is the cornerstone of Our Federal Constitutional Republic—that is, the Federal government of the United States and each individual Sovereign State, through the vertical separation of powers. Washington D.C. is not a state, it’s in the Constitution.

Capitalism is the framework which enables freedom of the individual, and thus, freedom of the individual from the government. Capitalism sounds fancy, it’s explained as a “free enterprise system.” Capitalism is a basic property right. You know, owning stuff. A car, a house, a phone—and have many different options. Not the state owning everything. And ruining it all. Honestly, what Joe Biden’s platform is would essentially be equivalent to the California DMV running the majority of the country—that’s not a good thing.

Speaking of, it is always odd to me that Obama and crew always call America a democracy. She is not. Thank God. Democracy is mob-rule. How are Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis, etc., doing under the mob rule of ANTIFA? (How are the ANTIFA “autonomous” zones doing under too?) We’re a representative Republic, akin to the Roman Republic before Rome gave up on being a republic and was returned to rule by Emperors. They still had a “Senate,” in name only. A filibuster is vital to the life of a Republic.

Capitalism allows individuals to take risks, hopefully calculated risks, to reap the rewards of their ingenuity and innovation because… they took the risk. Not every business succeeds, most of them fail. And yes, those rewards are called profits. Which are rewarded last in accounting. Usually right after taxes, which of course Uncle Sam gets his share first. 

Communism allows individuals to take risks, but the State doesn’t appreciate when people get out of line. We have talked about what happens then. They also take everything. Sure they give you some stuff. It’s not what you want and you also run out of it a lot. Sounds fun. And you don’t own actually anything they give you. It’s still the States. Your medical care, company, car insurance, telecommunications, all of it. State-owned, run like the good Ol’ CA-DMV. 

Moreover, because in a capitalistic system, individuals are allowed to own property, it fosters a competitive environment between free enterprises. This brings about vast increases in an array of benefits, such as higher standards of living, as seen by a MacBook Pro now, and one even only 12 years ago. Competition and meritocracy are good things.

When was the last time someone bought a Chinese, North Korean, Venezuelan, or other such countries products over our own corporations? Sure, they manufacturer over there, and that’s because our system needs some minor tweaking, it’s still American Technology. Nike, for all their media, is a company which thrives on capitalism. That is, minimizing losses while enhancing profits at all costs.

As Former President Obama has stated, and I agree, this election is vital to the future of the country. Economic freedoms are essential to individual freedoms. The Democrat’s platform only further expands the scope of government over our daily lives and into every sector of the economy. Cancer is a slow and painful death, too. Freedom is powerful. It would take a long time for it to succumb. The government has grown exponentially since the New Deal.

Actually, government size really took off when former President Woodrow Wilson, a technocratic and fascist-like Democrat, signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Over a century ago. What a long time.

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