Students Scream at Father for Opposing Genital Mutilation of His Child (VIDEO)


university of north texas protestors supporting child gender reassignment
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DENTON – University of North Texas (UNT) students verbally shut down an on-campus speech given by Republican Texas House candidate Jeffrey Younger. Video recorded by left-wing journalist Ismael Belkoura showed a classroom full of student protesters heckling, screaming, and cursing at the speaker. The title of the speech was “Criminalize Child Transitions.”

The event was set up as a classroom speech, but quickly devolved into chaos. Students pounded tables and chanted “f-ing fascist” as Younger attempted to speak. Event organizers could be seen behind a laptop during the event, apparently unable to do anything about the disruption. One protester even stood on a table at one point to scream at the speaker.

Many of the protesting students were masked, often a symbol of left-wing political affiliation in 2022.

Younger previously lost custody of his 9-year-old twins to the children’s mother. According to Younger, the mother is attempting to have her son’s gender ‘reassigned’, via chemical castration. Younger also stated the local school district, Coppell Independent School District, is “actively teaching” his son to be a girl. In a campaign website statement, Younger said, “When I took James to school in boys’ clothing, the teacher gave him a dress to wear. The school doesn’t call James by his real name. They use a girl’s name. They actively teach James that he is really a girl. They even make James use the girl’s bathroom.” 

Younger says the reason he is running for political office is due to the situation with his son. 

Far-left students demonstrated and screamed outside of the building where the speech was being delivered. Signs could be seen saying “protect trans kids” and “it’s our bodies so shut the f*** up”. 

Belkoura deleted the original Twitter documentation of the event, under pressure from left-wing Twitter accounts. The video was archived by journalist Andy Ngo. 

YouTuber Alex Stein captured video of protesters outside who were advocating for child gender transitions. Stein told a group of protesters, “every single person here is a pathetic loser that wants children to cut their penises off”.  A female protester responded “you have no right to tell children what to do.” 

The event was hosted by the Young Conservatives of Texas, a UNT campus Republican group. One of the organizers said she had to be rushed out of the building for her safety. The student said she had received death threats and over 17,000 signatures to expel her from the university. 

One student activist appeared to have a meltdown in front of the classroom, letting out a guttural screech. 

YouTuber and conservative journalist Elijah Schaffer said he is in contact with the conservative club on campus and is going to provide support. 

The University of North Texas is a research school located in Denton, TX, just outside of Dallas. 38,154 students are enrolled in the university. According to the UNT website, UNT is, “…more than a place. We are a state of mind, a way of being. Here, knowledge grows. Ideas become discoveries. And opportunities are boundless.” 

Photo credits: Ismael Belkoura, YCT UNT, Alex Stein. 

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