VA Democrat Official Indicted for Election Fraud on 82 Felony Counts


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A Virginia Democrat official has been indicted on 82 total felony counts for committing election fraud and embezzlement in Buchanan County.

Trey Adkins, Knox District Supervisor for Buchanan County, has been charged with the following:
– 34 counts of False Statement – Election Fraud
– 11 counts of Absentee Voting Procedure Violation

– 8 counts of Public Embezzlement
– 11 counts of Forgery of Public Record

– 15 counts of Uttering Public Record
– 3 counts of Conspiracy to Make a False Statement – Election Fraud

Adkins’ aunt Sherry Lynn Bailey, also involved in his election fraud schemes, faces 12 different felony charges:
– 4 counts of False Statement – Election Fraud
– 4 counts of Conspiracy to Make a False Statement
– 4 counts of Forgery of Public Record

Despite the massive number of indictments, Adkins insists that he is innocent, calling the charges a “show.”

WJHL reports:

According to a press release from Russell County Commonwealth’s Attorney Zach Stoots, Trey Adkins and Sherry Lynn Bailey were indicted on 94 total offenses...

According to the [Russell County Commonwealth Attorney]’s county release, Adkins has been under investigation by Virginia State Police for over two years. Stoots was placed as the case’s special prosecutor alongside Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Reece Robinson, and stated that his office would not be releasing any further information on the case.

“The Rules of Professional Conduct prevents any lawyer participating in the prosecution of a criminal matter that may be tried to a jury from making an extrajudicial statement that the lawyer knows or should know will have a likelihood of interfering with the fairness of a trial by jury.” Stoots said, “Based on the Rules of Professional Conduct, my office will not be making any further statements on the pending matters.”

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  1. There are many many more. Went to bed thinking so and so won and the bam the commies won by large percentages.. I call BS. Hunt them all down!

  2. Good. But do a real investigation into fairfax county and richmond county where all the criminals and traitors are

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