VIDEO: Angry Alec Baldwin CHARGES at Reporter with an Umbrella


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Disgraced actor and possible manslaughterer Alec Baldwin made national news last month when he ‘accidentally’ shot and killed one on the set of ‘Rust,’ a Western film, injuring another. Baldwin is now claiming that the ‘accident’ wasn’t his fault; in fact, in his only interview since, he vehemently stated that he never pulled the trigger of the prop gun discharged on set.

Here’s a clip from Baldwin’s recent interview with ABC’s George Stephanapolous, in which he fully denies blame in the so-called mishap:

Uh… sure. Obviously, the claim that the prop gun went off magically is absurd and ties right into the common liberal view that guns kill people, rather than people kill people. But the story gets even crazier.

Monday night, New York Post’s Jon Levine ran into Baldwin in New York City, and asked him a couple of questions about the infamous incident, including how the gun went off.

Predictably, Baldwin wasn’t too happy with Levine, showing off his trademark temper. He even charges at Levine with an umbrella as his wife holds him back! This is wild.


Clearly, Alec Baldwin should get help for his anger issues. Luckily for the Post’s Jon Levine, Baldwin’s umbrella did NOT accidentally discharge in his face.

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