Virginia Lt. Gov SLAMS Biden on Energy: ‘Americans Aren’t Stupid’


virginia lt govenor slamming biden
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President Joe Biden’s energy-dependent policies are driving up oil prices in America, and Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears has had it with the administration’s deflections.

In comments made to the Washington Examiner, the newly-elected official slammed the administration for its lies, saying, “Americans aren’t stupid.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

“They know that prices were rising from the day that he started,” Sears told the Washington Examiner after speaking at an event at American University in Washington, D.C., hosted by the AU College Republicans and the AU Network of Enlightened Women.

“We were a net exporter of energy before he came into office, and he changed all that. So this is pretty much squarely on his shoulders and the shoulders of Democrats.”

Of the president’s response to rampant inflation, Sears told the Washington Examiner, “We ought to continue to drill,” adding that “he should open the Keystone Pipeline.”

She further decried “onerous” regulations that she says prevent companies with current leases from drilling to their full potential. “So, to tell us that the businesses should act on the leases that they already have is stupid, and it’s disingenuous at the same time,” Sears continued.

Sears lamented, “When President Trump had wanted to shore up our reserves and they said, ‘no,’ Democrats said, ‘no,'” as Virginians now feel the pressure of inflation and rising gas prices.

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8 Responses

  1. Well, apparently the Lt. Governor is stupid, because we’re still a net exporter of oil. Also, prices have been on the rise worldwide, not just in the US. That’s a result of Covid, not Biden. US manufacturers permanently shut down some refining when demand plunged with the start of covid epidemic. Large quantities of the oil we produce aren’t suitable for petroleum refining and are exported to make plastics, etc. Thats why we still need to import light sweet crude oil necessary to produce premium petroleum products we consume at a high rate. Manufacturing and production still need to increase. But the US oil industry was reducing production even prior to Covid with the intent of raising prices, and they have no intention of providing savings to the US consumer. Take note:

    “People have asked me at $100 oil at $150 oil are you going to grow more than 5% and the answer is no. We’re just going to return more cash back to the investor, so I just don’t think we have an obligation to grow production.” – Pioneer Natural Resources CEO Scott Sheffield on CNBC, 12/7/2021

    Despite $20 billion in taxpayer subsidies to the oil industry each year, they have never felt a need to save the consumer money. They’re all about increasing profits regardless of the situation.

    1. There is enough light sweet crude oil under the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding areas to last the USA for 2,000+ years. Your boy Brandon will not allow drilling where it is! The 7 or 8K open permits your boy Brandon talks about are all for DRY wells! That’s why they are not being used! Stop watching the talking head propaganda ministers on TV and read some facts!

      1. Could you please direct me to these facts? I’m trying to understand everyone that has a point of view about this situation!

      2. There is more crude flowing to the refineries than they can handle. They slowed down production during the last 2+ years and haven’t been willing to change. Gotta make money !

      3. Shale oil ! And the report of how much”might” be there is skeptical. Investors have stopped giving money for years since the was no longer a profit. Money, money, money.

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