WATCH: ANOTHER Norfolk Southern Train Derails In Ohio


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Following last month’s tumultuous train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, a second derailment occurred this weekend in Springfield, Ohio, this time involving a train belonging to the same company, Norfolk Southern. Numerous civilians caught the incident live on video Saturday afternoon. 

A shelter-in-place order was issued following the derailment of 20 train cars in Springfield, but Norfolk Southern says that no injuries were reported, and no toxic chemicals were leaked or involved in the incident. 

Video of the first moments of Saturday’s derailment can be seen here:

Last month’s train derailment caused an uproar in the community of East Palestine following the release of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, and the refusal of President Biden and members of his administration to visit the area until Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was shamed into making an appearance in the town. 

Several videos taken in East Palestine showed numerous dead animals, including birds and fish, which were killed by toxic chemicals that entered the town’s waterways. Vinyl chloride was one of the main chemicals that leaked from the cars, which caused plumes of black smoke to hover over the town and show up on weather radar systems. 

Vinyl chloride was used in World War I as a choking agent, causing enemies to suffocate if not properly prepared when a gas attack occurred. 

Last month’s derailment was caused by an overheated wheel bearing. 

The derailment last month caused the plumes of Chloride to be seen in Eastern Ohio, and parts of Western Pennsylvania. 

“We ask that all residents in need of travel to Ohio 41 find alternate routes,” Clark County posted to social media on Saturday.

“Local and state officials are on scene, including Springfield Fire and Rescue Division and the Springfield Police Department.”

“We’re also aware of power in the area due to downed power lines. We’re working to gather more details and will provide more information as it becomes available”

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