WATCH: Biden Forgets Rep. Jackie Walorski’s Tragic Death Just Months Ago


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President Joe Biden delivered remarks Wednesday at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, celebrating bipartisan work on the issue of food insecurity.

What was thought to be a solid opportunity for Biden to exaggerate his willingness to work across the aisle quickly turned into yet another disaster for the administration.

While shouting out Indiana Republicans who worked to fund food insecurity bills, Joe Biden searched the crowd and called out for late Representative Jackie Walorski, who tragically died just months ago in an August car crash.


Later, left-wing ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega drilled Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the wildly disrespectful gaffe. Jean-Pierre denied that Biden misspoke, simply stating that Walorski was “top of mind” for the President.

Watch Jean-Pierre tiptoe around the question:

Vega isn’t the only left-wing reporter seemingly flabbergasted by Joe Biden’s lapse in memory. MSNBC reporter Sam Stein also noted the White House’s Soviet-Esque coverup of a clearly-dire situation in the Oval:

In a clip posted by ABC News, the viewer can hear reporters pleading with Jean-Pierre for clarification, with one noting that the American people are questioning Biden’s cognitive state.

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  1. Wow, this Administration is really scared. They do not even recognize the fact that Biden is out of it. He needs to be removed either by Impeacmdnt or 25th Is the 25th an amendment, Bill or what. I know Pelosi has thrown this ariund.

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