WATCH: Biden SNAPS at Peter Doocy’s Midterm Question


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During a presser touting the Biden administration’s ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure bill, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden which issue the Democrats prioritize most between inflation and abortion.

The President didn’t take too kindly to his question. Biden stood up and snapped back at Doocy, suggesting inflation and abortion are both top issues.


The question comes as poll after poll reveals Americans are feeling crushed by the Biden agenda, and the issue of abortion doesn’t even make the top five most important issues for voters this cycle.

A new Harvard-Harris survey shed further light on the Democrats’ economic conundrum.

The poll, which featured sweeping questions on inflation, the economy, and crime, showed that voters trust Republicans more than Democrats to fix the problems plaguing the country. The data also suggests Americans believe Republican legislators are more engaged on the issues that matter most… and those issues don’t include abortion.

Breitbart News breaks down the survey:

The top issue, overall, is price increases/inflation, with 37 percent noting it as the most important issue. Twenty-nine percent identified the economy and jobs as the top issue, followed by 23 percent who said immigration, and 18 percent who said crime and drugs.

What is more, the perceived concerns of Republicans match up with top issues for Americans, as respondents said Republican Party leaders are most concerned with immigration, price increases/inflation, and the economy and jobs. 

Meanwhile, Democrat leaders appear to be out of touch, as voters view their top issues of concern to be January 6, women’s rights, and the environment/climate change. 

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