WATCH: Sickening Footage Shows Mob Of California Teens Viciously Attacking U.S. Marines Over Memorial Day Weekend


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A disturbing incident unfolded during a Memorial Day weekend gathering at a beach in San Clemente, as a group of unruly teenagers targeted and assaulted three Marines who tried to intervene in an illegal fireworks display.

According to local reporters on the scene, the atmosphere quickly turned chaotic and violent after a lance corporal approached a group of approximately 30 to 40 teens, urging them to stop setting off fireworks. The situation escalated when debris from one of the explosions struck the corporal in the face.

Recalling the incident, the corporal stated, “They were being belligerent, obnoxious, and annoying other people with their fireworks. So, I approached them and asked them to stop.” Unfortunately, his attempt to defuse the situation led to the crowd following him as he tried to distance himself from the dangerous encounter.


Law enforcement authorities are actively searching for the suspects involved and plan to press charges against the offenders for assaulting the Marines with a deadly weapon. This charge carries significant weight due to the overwhelming number of individuals who participated in kicking the three servicemen. The investigation has received additional support from surveillance footage obtained from nearby areas.

In a separate video clip, one of the Marines can be seen walking away from the aggressive crowd in an effort to create distance between himself and the increasingly agitated teens. Suddenly, someone from the crowd throws an object at the Marine, prompting him to confront the individual while the mob surrounds him. Another soldier rushes to his aid, but both are eventually forced to the ground, assuming the fetal position and covering their heads, while the group unleashes a barrage of kicks.


San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan expressed relief that no serious injuries were reported, although the lance corporal mentioned to a reporter that he suspects he may have suffered a concussion. In response to the incident, the City Council voted in favor of deploying four additional police officers to patrol the beach, aiming to enhance safety and prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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