WATCH: CNN Reporter Calls Taliban “FRIENDLY” As Militants Shout “Death to America” in Background


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As of Monday, the Taliban is back in control of Afghanistan, overtaking nearly every inch of the country, border-to-border, in mere days. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is holed up at Camp David. Yesterday, the White House announced Biden would be making a statement in “a couple of days.”

Which was, despite Biden’s proven incompetence, shocking. In the face of a global disaster, the Biden administration’s statement was simply embarrassing.

In another WILD turn of events in Afghanistan, an American reporter has now publicly confessed that the Taliban seems ‘friendly.’ As Kabul falls to rabid Taliban militants, CNN’s Clarissa Ward had some positive reflections on the ground.

In a new clip from CNN’s live broadcast in Kabul, Ward is seen amongst a crowd of jovial militants chanting, “Death to America.” But somehow, Ward still managed to deliver on CNN’s classic globalist spin.

She calls the Taliban “friendly” in the video, taken from Twitter:

The reactions have been all over the place on Twitter, but here’s our favorite.

This meme posted by Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) shows a before and after of Clarissa Ward’s Afghanistan coverage from Kabul. In the top picture, she’s shown without any sort of headscarf. The caption hilariously reads, “After Breathtaking Advance, Taliban Surround Kabul.”

So, I guess the militants had already taken her breath away.

But the NEXT PIC shows the more serious, sad reality of the situation in Afghanistan for women…

Ward is seen wearing full-on Sharia-compliant garb:

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