WATCH: Confused Biden Says He ‘Misses Being a Professor’ – But He Never Taught a Class


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In a recent podcast interview with host Heather Cox Richardson, Joe Biden said he “really enjoyed teaching” when he was a “professor” at the University of Pennsylvania. However, Biden never actually taught a class at any school in America.

Biden was paid $1 million, but he didn’t do much teaching at all, as the Daily Caller reports:

When the Daily Caller asked whether Biden had in fact taught any courses since being hired, UPenn Vice Provost for Faculty Anita Allen did not list any, saying his work was instead based in Washington.

Biden was paid to give speeches to students, which is highly typical for a career politician like himself, but he never taught a class.

“You make me miss being a professor at Penn,” Biden said in the interview released on Friday. “When I left the Vice Presidency I had a chance to do a number of things but I took a professorship at the University of Pennsylvania in presidential politics and history, so I envy you.”


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